Update on Jennifer Norris Stowell as TRR “Business Head”

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Update on Jennifer Norris Stowell as TRR “Business Head”

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 20, 2008 7:55 am

The Rumford Free Press has learned that Jennifer Norris Stowell is really an Extra Terrestrial from the planet Uranus. She has been sent here to covertly work with other Uranians to take control of the town of Rumford and eventually the world, hoping to destroy us all. When you go to her website, mind altering radio waves are emitted from the monitor that influence you to continue to let her control the town, ensuring the success of her diabolical plot. Muhahahaaaaaaaaa.

Sound silly? It has about as much credence as the “business head” garbage they have been writing about. I also have about as much proof to back up my claim as they have. Zero. (OK maybe I have a little more, based on her behavior)

It doesn’t matter though. Because I say it, some people will believe it. (Show of hands who believes)

Let’s be serious for a minute. I want to publicly state that TRR isn’t all bad. I actually like some of the stuff they do over there. They post the minutes of the upcoming selectmen’s meeting, they showcase some of the good stuff happening in town, they highlight the beauty of this area (and it is beautiful) and they bring some attention to some of the businesses in town. They really could be valuable contributors to our community.

When TRR is bad though, it is very bad. Sometimes the site is used to spread misinformation, it allows no corrections, feedback or dissenting opinions and (this is the worst) it attacks innocent members of the community. It spreads lies and half truths to rip apart anyone that gets in the way of their agenda. It is used like a weapon, inflicting pain on members of our community. They even said as much when they thought someone else was the operator of this website shortly after we started. Remember the comments we received?

“Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Submitted by …":
We gave you a little teaser on As Maine Goes in response to your latest ridiculous comment. All we need to do is edit the comment and complete the headline" "If you think lovejoy had it bad.”
They sent a direct message, you better let us control the flow of information in this town and you better not challenge us or we will make your life a living hell. They even brag about the effect their slander had on a former selectwoman.

That is evil. It has ripped good people of our town apart and tears at the very fabric of our community.

Did anyone notice that when TRR wasn’t attacking anyone, things calmed down over here too? We seemed to pretty much forget about them. We are not interested in squabbling with them but we will correct misinformation and call them on it when they use their site maliciously.

You can say about anything you want if you own a website. Whether a site is used responsibly or not is really is up to the person who owns it. Whether you continue to go to a website that is used maliciously is really up to you, the reader.

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Re: Update on Jennifer Norris Stowell as TRR “Business Head”

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 20, 2008 9:13 am

I love it! Very funny.
When she instigates, others come to defend. I have yet to see any unprovoked criticism of JSN.
It was generous of you to point out the positive aspects of her site. It could be a wonderful asset to the town, but it's NOT. Her personal vendettas overshadow everything else.


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