Concealed Weapons Permits

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Concealed Weapons Permits

Post by T on Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:51 pm

With regard to the Bangor Daily New's Freedom of Information request for a list of concealed weapons permit holders' names, addresses and dates of birth from the state...

Like it or not, CWPs are public documents. Every citizen has a right to access and review public documents, period. If you don't want the public to have access to your personal information, don't have your personal information included in a public document.

Those of you who hold a CWP and are offended and outraged by the notion of your neighbor having access to your personal information now know what it feels like to be a public/government employee.

Doesn't feel so good, eh? Wink

Open carry is permissible in Maine, so why the need to hide your weapon?

Should Maine politicians be successful in passing legislation restricting access to CWP information, be prepared for a flood of other such legislation restricting access to other public information.

I was under the impression that Conservatives believe in and demand governmental transparency to ensure that the government is doing its job correctly? How can the public know that the State of Maine in not granting CWPs to the mentally ill, convicted felons, Muslim terrorists, LaPierre's illegal Hispanics, etc., if the public does not have access to this information? careful what you wish for...


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