Another perfect synopsis

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Another perfect synopsis

Post by T on Sat Jun 22, 2013 12:16 pm

LePage enjoys being outrageous and offensive

You will recognize the type, because there is one in most families.

He's the weird uncle who enjoys showing up at family gatherings just to get a good argument started.

He makes mean little comments that get under people's skin. He seems to have a different opinion just to have a different opinion, and he expresses it forcefully and with volume turned way up.

He says things that sound suspiciously untrue, many of which later turn out to be just that.

He is, they say, like a bull in a china closet, throwing his weight around, trying to intimidate and provoke the rest of the family.

He's the kind of guy who says something and other people just get up from the table and say they are going outside for some fresh air.

And, just when he gets everyone in a foul mood and feeling lousy, a little smile crosses his face because, well, he enjoys this.

Gov. Paul LePage seems determined to be Maine's nasty uncle.

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