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This is a post by Brad Gallant in response to CCDT's (Candace, Candice, Donna, Tracy) "Math Check - I love math. Math is our friend. Math does not lie." diatribe.  Remember Donna (or whatever your name is)... "Figures don’t lie, but liars figure".
Excellent response Mr. Gallant.
applause's a little unnerving knowing that Candice spends her free time stalking the Rumford PD.  See below. 

Really Candice?
By Brad Gallant, verified user — Sat, 08/31/2013 - 17:20

Candice, lets first start with a look at understanding Census data since that seems to be an issue here. The 2010 census shows the Town population at 5841, there is also a number shown in the census data which is a “CDP” number which was 4218 (which is the number you keep referring to). The CDP (Census Designated Place) is not a matter of a town population. The CDP can be any number of designated non-incorporated areas in which data is gathered. The CDP definition varies depending on the area of the country and how the government chooses to break down the data. Some CDP’s are Town, some are conglomerates of different population pockets shared by multiple towns, etc. So, based on that, I use the 5841 number (which is you conduct a search of the Maine 2012 census you can actually pull up a full copy f the data and review it rather than using a website like city-data which vaguely compiles data) for my data since that is a more accurate representation. You do make a valid point that the population has continued to decline and I will give you another 3.6% population drop, which would be 5630.

Using 5630 the numbers of officers per 1000 would change from 1.71 to 1.77. There are 10 officers on in Rumford, not 12. Prior to the June election we were operating with 11 officers, trying to hire out 12th which was an open slot at that time. The June budget eliminated the 12th spot and the administrative position. The July budget eliminated half a detective and the August budget eliminated a full detective. So, at most, the department will have 10 officers with the new budget and is currently operating with 10.

Candice, lets move onto “From what I have read, the folks looking to save Rumford are looking to reduce the police department to 8 officers…”. Candice, you are the only one preaching about 8 officers. You have presented your plan at budget meetings and you don’t seem to get that Chief Carter understands the importance of having 2 officers on patrol. You, and a few others, keep talking about mutual aid and working with others…that is not how it works. The only people the officers can absolutely count on are the other officers in their agency. The three municipalities work well together at a patrol level as well as working with Oxford County Sheriff’s Department and the Maine State Police. We are constantly sharing information and assisting each other at calls. (Candice, a perfect example is the night a few weeks ago when you spent an extended period tracking “the two Rumford officers” sitting and chatting at Ralph’s store late at night…if you had a clue you would have known that was a deputy and a Mexico officer staying in the area as Rumford officers had people under arrest stemming from a large fight in the area and they wanted to make sure problems did not start back up.)

As on May 31st of this year there were 22 officers between Rumford, Mexico, and Dixfield. If there was one large police department it is reasonable to assume cuts could have been made and money could have been saved. Now there are 20 officers. At some point the individual departments will be cut to the point that merging is not economically sound. As a taxpayer and an officer I would love to see a merge, I think it needs to happen and am glad the three boards are talking September 4th to look at moving the process further. Between the three Towns officer respond to over 7500 calls a year with Rumford having over 60% of that call volume. That is 20 calls a day in the three towns and about 12-13 a day just in Rumford. Those calls do not include traffic stops, school visits, DARE, assisting people with directions, foot patrol, spending time at school sporting events, visiting community businesses to let them know of any current issues, speaking with people about certain situations where they may need an officers help but it does not warrant starting an incident number, business checks, etc.

If anyone actually wants to know what an officer does in the course of their day I would suggest asking one of us, talk to the Chief, get informed. As a community member I believe public safety is important, but I believe each person must decide what is important to them. I encourage people to vote, but vote informed. I respect each person who votes, no matter what their decision…as long as they do it with a knowledge of what services are actually provided. If the only thing you know about the Rumford Police Department is what you hear from Frank Diconzo and Candice Casey (Donna Wilson, etc. etc.)…there are many things you are missing.

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