A day of mourning for Governor LePage

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A day of mourning for Governor LePage

Post by T on Mon Sep 02, 2013 11:49 am

Today’s holiday honoring workers is well-earned

If you are a working man — or a working woman — today we pay tribute to you.

As a nation, we depend on workers to pave our streets, grow and ship our food, stitch our clothes, build our electronics, repair our cars, clean our schools, transport the goods we consume, build our homes, care for our children, stock store shelves, install appliances, monitor water supplies, harvest forests, police our streets and millions — literally millions — of other tasks every day.

Labor Day, a national holiday for family, friends and food as we mark the unofficial end of summer, is also a day most of us have "off" from work.

Today we honor the contributions of workers and celebrate the strength, prosperity and well-being laborers bring to this country.

So, enjoy the day (and the barbecue) and rest up for the remaining workweek. Our continued and collective labors are vital to this country.

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