In response to Michaud's announcement. Yikes!

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In response to Michaud's announcement. Yikes!

Post by T on Tue Nov 05, 2013 6:36 am

Bruce Sawyer · Bornholm: Enough with their we're here n we're queer crap. Before you side with homo's, study their history. They voted themselves into the house of reps Youth and Juvenile Justice committee to pass laws to legalize sodomy so they could defy the laws of physics, biology, enigneering n more legally. They also have been trying to get the age of consent lowered so they can legally pedophile children,. They recruit children, scope playgrounds, gain employment in groups with children, force their propoganda on classrooms full of very young children without parental consent, homo priests molest and so much more. My studies are repleat with the future negative effects of their insane behavior. Don't except their freakish choice based on feelings. STUDY STUDY STUDY. I tune out all tv shows with any references to them whatsoever. Take a moment to visualize the manner in which they have sex. Now tell me it's even remotely exceptable.They are disgusting, immoral people who will crumble the foundation of America.


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