Rumford's Fact-free Tea Party at it again!

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Rumford's Fact-free Tea Party at it again!

Post by T on Tue Dec 24, 2013 2:49 pm

The Accusations

* At a lightly attending special town meeting on Oct. 17, however, Rumford Tax Collector Tom Bourret seized the opportunity to reverse this clearly stated majority decision.

* Bourret's action was not announced in advance nor included in the warrant.

*  It was, plainly and simply, a political maneuver, a tactic using surprise and stealth, designed to thwart the clearly expressed with of the majority when very few voters were there to see it or do anything about it.

* Mr. Bourret's perpetration of this political maneuver was most certainly neither trustworthy not above board.

* It was an action which threatens both the credibility and reliability of our local government.

*  It is a question of whether majority rule is to be respected, or whether voters are in danger of having their decisions overturned whenever town officials decide to maneuver around them.

* And we call on Mr. Bourret either to apologize, or, if not, to resign. says Rumford's Fact-free Tea Party

[Phil Blampied, Marie L. Zinck, John J. Arsenault, Gayle A. Sirois, Nicole Harris, James Trenoweth, Kelly Martin, Thomas Reed, Diana K. Pratt, Richard L. Pratt, Patrick Ryan, Francis Jannace, Jacqueline A. Cote, Catherine Thurston, David Thurston, Doris Pelletier, Omer Pelletier, James Windover, James M. Cote, John D. Dube, Marquerite Welch, Timothy M. Giasson, Henry N. Zinck, Phillip Zinck and James Austin]

Rumford Falls Times

The Truth

** The freedom to express our thoughts and opinions on issues is important. It is equally important to do your research and be sure that the information you present to others is accurate and complete.

** I have been the target by some, for exercising my rights as a citizen at the October 17th town meeting when I made a motion from the floor to amend the due date for taxes as well as the interest on overdue tax payments.

** The public notice for the special town meeting on October 17th was exactly the same notice given for the town meeting in June per the Rumford Town Charter.

** The warrant was printed in The Rumford Falls Times, and copies of the warrant were posted well in advance of the October 17th town meeting at the Rumford Town Hall, Rumford Public Library, the U.S. Post Office in Rumford and also on the town’s website. Copies are always available in the town manager’s office.

** The written article was clear in that both the tax dates and interest rates were to be decided on once again by the legislative body.

** I attended the town meeting prepared to substantiate why I thought it was important to reinstate the 7% interest rate.

** Simply put, a low interest rate has the potential for more taxpayers finding themselves in default, since the low interest rate removes any incentive to pay the tax obligation on time.

** There was no discussion on the motion to amend. Therefore it passed.

** We (Blampied & Bourret) both agreed that I should present an explanation either in the newspaper or at a selectmen’s meeting, which I willingly did on December 5.

** As a public servant, my job is to be sensitive to the needs of people in our community and approach my work in a fair manner with compassion.

** I take my job seriously and frankly I believe I am doing it well. The collection rate for the 2013 fiscal year is 98.8% and I have perfected collections up to the current tax year.

** My actions have been and will continue to be above board.

Thomas Bourret,
Tax Collector,

Rumford Falls Times


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