How is a lobbyist qualified to make medical decisions?

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How is a lobbyist qualified to make medical decisions?

Post by T on Thu Dec 26, 2013 11:23 am

The Tea Party has forever complained about Obamacare, the big, bad government and its politicians making decisions about your healthcare.  It's a myth right-wing wackos actively perpetuate.

...and yet LePage, Maine's Tea Party leader, let's former lobbyist Mary Mayhew do exactly that.  How is a political hack qualified to make medical decisions?  dunno 

Tea Party Hypocrites

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services this week denied a request by Dr. Dustin Sulak to add Tourette's syndrome to the list of qualifying medical conditions that marijuana use is allowed to treat.

Sulak said a denial letter signed by agency Commissioner Mary Mayhew arrived on Christmas Eve without any explanation for the decision.

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