In Candace Casey's (or whatever the he!! your name is) expert opinion...

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In Candace Casey's (or whatever the he!! your name is) expert opinion...

Post by T on Sat Jan 18, 2014 9:45 pm

** The cost to taxpayers for a year of public school education in Maine is comparable to a year’s college tuition, yet 52 percent of college freshmen required remedial work? finger wag 

** That profound demonstration of failure by the schools to fulfill their mission of preparing the citizenry for college and work, stealing not only taxpayers' money but also the time and futures of those entrusted to their care cannot be tolerated!  rage 

** The excuse making and blaming by educators and the education system must end. There is no excuse for these “results.”   finger wag  

** If a manufacturer shipped out product with a 52 percent “defect” rate, they would be forced out of business as customers refused to buy.  blah 

** Maine’s taxpayers and students deserve better than to have to accept a 52 percent defect rate of graduates’ educations with all the money and time that has been invested.  rage 

Candice Casey queen , Rumford

Candace, your Tea Party anger is grossly misplaced. There is a problem, but it's not with the public school system. The students who apply themselves are doing just fine.  Your hatred for anything that's taxpayer funded is clouding your judgement. But, we forgive you for you know not what you do  hug.

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