If Maine re-elects this idiot...well...

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If Maine re-elects this idiot...well...

Post by T on Thu Mar 20, 2014 9:53 pm

LePage keeps ignoring issues at DHHS

Gov. Paul LePage needs to walk over to Maine's Department of Health and Human Services and handle some personnel problems, and soon.

While the governor was announcing a controversial new program Wednesday to allow more commercial tree cutting on public lands, Rep. Drew Gattine, R-Westbrook, was talking about a mysterious $1 million payment buried deep in DHHS records.

We all know that President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk: "The buck stops here." In the LePage administration, the buck for internal incompetence doesn't seem to stop anywhere.

Instead, the governor tends to dismiss all complaints, valid or not, as politically motivated.

Yet his opponents didn't hire the unqualified ride contractor, CTS. His enemies didn't fail to obtain the required bond for the contractor. His critics didn't tell his people to rig bids and destroy public documents. And his foes had nothing to do with the mismanagement at Riverview psychiatric and the loss of federal funding.

These are management failures. If the governor won't address them now, his opponents should force him to do so in this year's election.

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