LePage and the Rumford Renewal crowd...operate in secrecy

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LePage and the Rumford Renewal crowd...operate in secrecy

Post by T on Wed Apr 23, 2014 8:17 pm

This is how LePage and the Rumford Renewal crowd operate...in secrecy.  They are cut from the same cloth.  LePage will do anything to protect corporate America no matter who it hurts.

LePage vetoes bill that sought greater government transparency

AUGUSTA — A bill that would have opened records on industrial hazardous waste and mercury emission control plans was vetoed by Republican Gov. Paul LePage on Earth Day.

It was approved by the Legislature's Judiciary Committee and was unanimously enacted by the full Legislature.

LePage cited several reasons for vetoing the measure, including that it did not go far enough to overhaul the state's Freedom of Access Act as it pertains to the working papers of lawmakers and the governor's office.

Current law protects the working papers of lawmakers but makes public the working papers of the governor.

In the veto letter, LePage cited his own experience with FOAA, noting special-interest groups were using the law to attack him politically.  rage 

Didisheim said the LePage administration, despite its promise of greater transparency, had been notoriously slow and obstructive on public records requests.

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