The Tea Party and LePage have the solution!

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The Tea Party and LePage have the solution!

Post by T on Fri Jun 27, 2014 11:15 am

The Tea Party and LePage have the solution! Deny seniors their welfare, Social Security, Medicare, and access to the ACA, and let them die! This will make room for the young people LePage wants to bring here.

Economists say Maine’s aging population hinders growth

PORTLAND — About one quarter of Lincoln County’s population was over age 65 in 2013, epitomizing a trend in which Maine leads the nation: getting older.

In 2010, the share of Lincoln County residents older than 65 was about 4 percentage points lower.

With a population that has remained flat in recent years, the pace of Maine’s aging — as revealed by new U.S. Census data released Thursday — is no surprise to economists. Generally, workers are staying on the job later in life, but the Maine Department of Labor’s chief economist, Glenn Mills, said the trend continues to raise concerns about the labor force.

These population dynamics explain why Maine is experiencing slow growth in [gross domestic product], personal income, employment and other economic measures,” Mills said in an email to the Bangor Daily News after reviewing newly released census data Thursday. “Our workforce is barely growing, and the challenges to growth will increase in the years ahead unless we are able to entice more young people to move to the state.”

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