Didn't LePage get the memo from the RNC?

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Didn't LePage get the memo from the RNC?

Post by T on Wed Jul 09, 2014 5:56 pm

Guvn'a...STOP saying that! It's not true, and it didn't work for us in 2012!


"He (LePage) also says Michaud voted to cut Medicare by $760 billion in order to fund the federal Affordable Care Act, known to opponents of the law as Obamacare."

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ahh...the Republicans tried to spin this during the last presidential campaign, and it backfired. †Didn't LePage pay attention? What a maroooon. †Of course, about 38% of registered, Maine voters are maroooons and believe everything that comes out of LePage's mouth. †BTW...this "cut" is actually a reduction in the future growth of Medicare spending, over 10 years. †I thought Republicans were all in favor reducing spending? †What a bunch of hypocrites.


"Republicans claim the presidentís $716 billion ďcutsĒ to Medicare hurt the programís finances. But the opposite is true. These cuts in the future growth of spending prolong the life of the Medicare trust fund, stretching the programís finances out longer than they would last otherwise."



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