It's all about Candice...

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It's all about Candice...

Post by T on Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:26 pm

What an "effin" thorn in the world's side...

** Article 2 sought authorization for selectmen to accept the donation of the property from the U.S. Bank National Association.

** Candice Casey motioned to accept the article as written, then amended it to include a provision that the building would be demolished 160 days from the deed transfer.

** Casey said she was very concerned that the town is becoming stuck with too many blighted buildings. Casey said the bank determined that the building could not be rehabilitated and that it also wanted to donate $19,000 to Rumford from Wells Fargo Premiere Asset Services to demolish it.

** John Madigan said that wasn't true. Reading a letter about the donations, Madigan said the $19,000 donation was to rehabilitate the house rather than demolish it.

** Fire Chief Bob Chase said he would not support Casey's amendment because he would place the building near the bottom of buildings to be demolished.

** Casey's amendment was defeated and the article was approved as read by Cameron.

** Article 3 authorized selectmen to accept the $19,000 and put the money in the town's demolition account. Casey tried to get residents to defeat that, but they didn't.

** Article 6 sought to authorize selectmen to accept the $27,500 and place it into the town demolition account.  Casey amended the article to read that the $27,500 be used to demolish the building.  The amendment was defeated.

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