Frankie, you must be a product of public education...

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Frankie, you must be a product of public education...

Post by T on Wed Aug 13, 2014 10:23 am

Frankie, you serve on the Region 9 board and can't spell and/or punctuate?  dunno (We won't talk about your syntax whistling )  You must be a product of the public education system you and your Tea Party buddies are so critical of... finger wag 

Unjustified hiring
By FRANK DICONZO, Community Member, Rumford — Tue, 08/12/2014 - 20:40

As a Board member of Region 9 now for 16 years[  ] I find [   ] replacing of Mr. Richards [as] deplorable. When he was hired he didn't have to take the Praxis exams. Then the rules changed and he had to take it in order to keep his teaching position[s]. But instructors were grandfather[  ] and did[ ]'t have [  ] which was totally unfair on the Department of Education[ ]s part.  Mr[,] Richards worked hard to pass these tests and did so. But[ ] the final test became evasive [?] and he failed by 1 point. Unfortunat[  ] he was [persuaded into an agreement] for staying on and after doing so [T]he Dept. of Education opened a new door for Mr. Richard and the Board saw fit not to allow him to use it. Hence[ ] the hiring of a new instructor[  ] who has not [past] the required Pr[i]xis tests and has no classroom experience. To me this is step backwards. If the Dept. of Education is making all teachers pass the Praxis[;] then school systems should be hiring only those who do first. So, then this new hiring should not have taken place. Mr. Richards instructed a successful program and wasn't[ ] I say again, given the opportunity to stay on now that new regulations were passed down. Mr. Richards[ ] you were dedicated to your students and would go out of your way for them. As far as I'm concerned[ ] you were a great addition to Region 9.

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