The dirty, rotten ba$tard...

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The dirty, rotten ba$tard...

Post by T on Fri Oct 24, 2014 5:25 am

When the big, bad liberals cook the books and use it against him, LeBuffoon is outraged! †rage †But, when LeBuffoon does it to make himself and his administration look like they are supporters of public education, well, it's good accounting practices. †So, when you hear LeBuffoon run his mouth about his administration's 50% effort, know it's a damn lie.

This year, state funding for education is at 50 percent, about $109 million short of the amount approved by voters. The reason itís that high is that Republican Gov. Paul LePageís administration, in 2012, began including state payments for teacher retirement and other benefits in calculating the state's share of education costs.

Critics have said including benefit payments had the net effect of reducing state funding because those expenses were previously accounted for outside the state funding formula. Without that adjustment, state funding levels would represent only about 46 percent of the cost of EPS.

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