For your own sake...Please Read

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For your own sake...Please Read

Post by T on Sat Nov 01, 2014 4:10 pm

So, we have a situation where a food worker possibly exposed (not necessarily transmitted) patrons to Hepatitis A.  

The Maine CDC warns the general public of the possible exposure, but refuses to identify the establishment where the possible exposure took place.  The CDC states "This notice was released to raise awareness of Hepatitis A with providers, who are the primary audience of the Health Alert Network.".

No one, including LeBuffoon, knows anything about the food worker in question.  The CDC said said it is not releasing the name of the restaurant because it would risk identifying the individual.

And what does Maine's fearless leader do when asked about the situation?

LeBuffoon blames "illegal immigrants" and President Obama

LeBuffoon: avoided directly commenting on the situation, but expressed concern about illegal immigrants, who often don't receive adequate health care, spreading diseases.

LeBuffoon: "I have been trying I have been trying to get the president to pay attention to the illegals that are in our country, because there is a spike and hepatitis C, tuberculosis, HIV and it's going on for years," said LePage.


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