Thank you for the lower gas prices!

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Thank you for the lower gas prices!

Post by T on Sat Nov 22, 2014 11:21 am

Thank you President Obama for the lowest gas prices we've seen since Dubbya was in office.  Since the ignorant wackos blamed you for the high prices and their minions swallowed their mantra hook, line, and sinker, certainly you must be responsible for the lower prices!  applause

When gas prices were at their highest, the wackos said "the liberal anti-free market policies of the Obama administration discourage the exploration of American sources of energy and hinder production and job growth."

So, if the Tea Party wackos are correct, why is U.S. production of oil and gas at record levels? Why is the United States poised to become the world leader in production?

So once again, thank you President Obama!

Please note: If you think any president is responsible for the price of oil and gas, you must be an elected official.


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