Hot Spots (Candy is spreading some misinformation, as usual)

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Hot Spots (Candy is spreading some misinformation, as usual)

Post by T on Fri Apr 03, 2015 6:00 am

For everyone's information (yours too Candy), the sex related crimes listed on RAIDS Online are "randomly offset" to protect the victims' privacy.  So Candy, you cannot say with certainty where these sex crimes were committed based on information listed on RAIDS Online.

Example from RAIDS Online:

R Number: RP150974
Crime: Sex Assault
Location Type: Residence
Date: 03-22-2015
Time: 10:12 PM
Public Address: Pine Street, Rumford
Accuracy: Street
Distance: 0.55 miles

"Agency: Rumford Police Department
** This point has been randomly offset at the request of the agency to protect victim privacy."

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