Can he be any more obnoxious? ..ah, YES!

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Can he be any more obnoxious? ..ah, YES!

Post by T on Tue Apr 28, 2015 3:59 pm

I guess Senator Katz didn't get the hard-line, party memo  party ?
BTW...can LeBuffoon be any more obnoxious?  dunno  Or maybe LeBuffoon has been hitting the bottle again  drunken ?


Katz (one of the few reasonable Republicans in Augusta) said that no one person, not even a governor, should be able to veto the decision of the people.

LeBuffoon said in a statement that he remains committed to his plan to ensure that Mainers can stay warm in the winter. He says Katz and others should be more concerned with "keeping low-income Mainers warm than grandstanding for TV cameras."  blah  blah

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