This is a significant accomplishment.

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This is a significant accomplishment.

Post by T on Tue Jun 30, 2015 3:05 pm

This is a significant accomplishment made by both political parties that had absolutely nothing to do with LePig.  It's nice to see them working together for Maine, unlike LePig whose only interest is in protecting corporations and the wealthy, whether they need protecting or not.

LePig and his klan are in the minority, and are becoming ever increasingly irrelevant.  I do hope he's impeached, but is found innocent so that we can be entertained by him for the next 3.5 years. party


Maine Legislature enacts new state budget despite Paul LePig's veto

AUGUSTA — In a show of bipartisan strength Tuesday, the Maine Legislature stood up to Republican Gov. Paul LePig's veto  applause of a new $6.7 billion state budget that cuts the state's income tax rate and stretches the sales tax in an attempt to export more of the state's costs to visitors.

Key provisions in the new state budget include:

• An $80 million increase in the amount the state sends to K-12 public schools under its General Purpose Aid formula.

• A $10 million increase in a scholarship fund aimed at helping Maine students and workers pay for college through the Maine State Grant program.

• A $28 million increase for the state's Community College System and University of Maine.

• An $11 million increase in funding for the Community College System for job training programs for Maine workers.

• An elimination of the so-called "welfare cliff" by allowing those receiving state welfare benefits to have their benefits gradually reduced as they gain income and employment, instead of a system that ends benefits as soon as a recipient earns $1 more than the income guidelines that makes them eligible for assistance.

• About $62.5 million per year in state revenue-sharing to Maine cities and towns.

• About $48 million for the state's Drugs for the Elderly and Medicaid Savings programs, which helps low-income seniors pay for prescription drugs.

• A $16 million increase in state funding for nursing homes, bringing the state's total to $216 million over the two-year budget cycle.

• A $16.2 million increase in funds to help clear Department of Health and Human Services' wait lists for people with intellectual disabilities and brain injuries.

• The elimination of the state income tax on military pensions.

• Funding for four new agents for the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency. The budget also allows $200,000 in federal grant money to be used at the MDEA’s discretion for hiring additional staff or for investments in other anti-drug efforts.

• Increases to the state's sales taxes on hotel and motel lodging and restaurant meals. The lodging tax increases to 9 percent by the end of 2017 and the tax on restaurant meals will remain at 8 percent — the meals tax was scheduled to return to 7 percent on July 1.

The House voted 109-37 to override, and the Senate joined suit shortly before noon voting 25-10, which will make the spending package law on Wednesday.

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