LePig knows how to waste money!

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LePig knows how to waste money!

Post by T on Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:58 am

We all know LePig is an expert at wasting taxpayer dollars, e.g. the Alexander Report.  Now he's becoming a master at wasting private corporation dollars. Way to go LePig!  applause


Maine charter school to pay Eves $30,000 after terminating contract

AUGUSTA (AP) — A nonprofit that operates Maine's first charter school will pay Democratic House Speaker Mark Eves $30,000 after terminating his employment contract.

Eve's contract was terminated last week after Gov. Paul LePage threatened to withhold money from the school unless they fire him.

Good Will-Hinckley could fire Eves without cause if they gave him 60 days' notice. So, while he won't work, Eves will be on the payroll for 60 days and then receive one month of severance pay, or $10,000.

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