They can't handle the truth...

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They can't handle the truth...

Post by T on Thu Jul 02, 2015 11:50 am

so, Tea Party types will not read this article in its entirety.  In fact, I doubt they would get past the headline. party  LePig's sheep will justify everything by reminding us of the following:

* Gov. Paul LePig was re-elected by the most votes for any governor ever.

(LePig's sheep ignore the fact he won with less than 50% of the vote. Mike Michaud, even though he lost, received the 2nd most votes "for any governor ever". The majority of Maine's citizens do not support LePig.)

* LePig had already been governor for four years, so people knew who they were voting for.

(Not really. LePig kept his agenda hidden during his re-election campaign.)

* Tea Party types were surprised Mark Eves was hired to be president of Good Will-Hinckley. He was against every legislation expanding charter schools. So he is going to sue the governor?

(Ah, yes.  LePig potentially broke the law by withholding funding unless GW-H fired Eves. GW-H is not a public school.  It is a private corporation and LePig has no business meddling in who GW-H hires or fires.  Eves was hired after an exhaustive nationwide search.  If GW-H was satisfied with Eves' qualifications, who are we to question?  BTW...Eves is not against charter schools.  He is opposed to how they are funded.  Obviously, GW-H is aware of Eves' position, and it wasn't a problem for them.)

* Our governor is not a polished politician. He is rough around the edges and does say outrageous things.

(No, he's a low class, disgusting human being)

* LePig does not deserve to be impeached.

(It has nothing to with what is "deserved".  It has to do with policy, regulation, and law. If there is credible evidence that LePig did anything that rises to the level of impeachment, he must be or the Legislature would be negligent.)

Read the article below in its entirety (click on the link) to see how the nation views Maine's LePig.


Paul LePage is facing impeachment: Why the Tea Party hero’s luck may have finally run out

For more than 4 years, Maine's governor has acted like a meaner Bill O'Reilly. Mercifully, that may be about to end

Even among the gaggle of hopping mad reactionaries swept into power by 2010’s Tea Party wave, the unbridled anger of Paul LePage, the former businessman who is currently in his second term as Maine’s governor, has always allowed him to stand out.

If the average Republican was outraged, for example, you could count on LePage to be incensed. If the average Republican was ignoring people of color, LePage was responding to their concerns with an invitation to give a specific part of his body a kiss. If the average Republican pandered to Fox News’ geriatric and terrified viewers, LePage offered them nothing less than the personification of their collective id.

If you’re one of those vanishingly few number of people who don’t pay close attention to Maine politics, however, you probably think this sounds excessively dramatic. You probably haven’t heard of LePage; so can he really be that bad?

Not unlike New Jersey’s Chris Christie, another Republican governor in an even bluer state, most of LePage’s troubles can be summed up in one word: temperament. Simply put, the guy is a walking firestorm of pettiness, fury and resentment.

Taking down a mural is, obviously, not a big deal. I bring it up, however, because I think it’s a useful case-in-point for understanding two important elements of LePage’s personality. One, the severity of his lack of judgment; and two, how the overriding, distinctive feature of his approach is one of thoroughgoing meanness. For example, here’s how LePage tends to talk about his opponents — who are, in many cases, members of the general public: They’re idiots, liars and spoiled little brats; they’re corrupt, spineless and like the Nazis. He’s attacked Democrats in the state Senate with homophobia; and he’s joked about having his critics shot.

What Republicans are now realizing is that LePage’s kind of anti-government conservatism is in truth profoundly authoritarian.

Saber-rattling is easy, though; so I wouldn’t be surprised if LePage ultimately finishes his second term. Then again, very little about the political career of Paul LePage, a man who’s earned the title of “America’s craziest governor,” has gone as one would expect. It certainly would be better for Maine — and the whole country, really — if LePage’s Fox News-style politics eventually brought him to an ignominious end, but a significant chunk of Maine voters evidently like having Bill O’Reilly as their governor. The Paul LePage show goes on.


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