I guess they forgot

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I guess they forgot

Post by T on Sun Nov 15, 2015 10:40 am

I guess they forgot about The Maine Heritage Policy Center  whistling.  The Maine Heritage Policy Center is the single most influential group in Augusta. The MPA is a good counterbalance to The Maine Heritage Policy Center's conservative representation of the state's wealthiest.  applause



Maine People's Alliance plays new, aggressive role in elections

The bane of the state's most conservative organizations and politicians, the MPA has been referred to by some conservatives as the "Marxist People's Alliance." The organization has been repeatedly attacked by Lewiston's incumbent conservative mayor, Ronald Macdonald, and by firebrand Republican Gov. Paul LePig.

Doug Hodgkin, a local author and longtime Bates College political science professor, said the MPA's involvement in local politics this year is unlike any he's witnessed to date.  Hodgkin, himself a Republican (I thought they were all Marxist, liberal commies at Bates  dunno ), said that so far, conservatives have been unable to produce a counterpart to rival the MPA's role in augmenting a liberal agenda.

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