A message to Candy, et al., from Charles

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A message to Candy, et al., from Charles

Post by T on Sun Feb 07, 2016 10:50 am

Charles Krauthammer: Trumpery supporters rationalize Iowa loss with ‘establishment’ nonsense

The problem with Donald Trumpery is that he's not conservative.

The threat to the Republican Party posed by the Trumpery insurgency is not that he’s anti-establishment. It’s that he’s not conservative. Trumpery winning the nomination would fracture the conservative movement and undermine the GOP’s identity and role as the country’s conservative party.

The problem with Trumpery is his, shall we say, eclectic populism. Cruz may be anti-establishment, but he’s a principled conservative, while Trumpery has no coherent political philosophy at all. He offers barstool eruptions and whatever contradictory “idea” pops into his head.
(Candie, you and Trumpery have a lot in common.  party )

That’s the reason his harebrained ideas – barring all Muslims from entering the country; a 45 percent tariff on Chinese goods; government-provided universal health care (Candy will go ga ga over TrumperyCare!) through “a deal with existing hospitals to take care of people” (why didn’t I think of that?) – have received such relatively little scrutiny. No one takes them seriously. His actual platform is all persona – the wonders that will emanate from his own self-proclaimed strength, brilliance, money.

Trumpery’s is faith-based politics. “At the Sarah Palin rally,” reports John McCormack of The Weekly Standard, “Trumpery promised he would localize education. ‘How?’ shouted one man in the crowd. ‘Just you watch,’ Trumpery replied.” Meaning: I have no idea. Just trust me.

We can now read the Iowa results as they affect the Republican future. Trumpian populism got 24 percent, conservatism (Rubio plus Cruz) got 51 percent. There will be a spirited contest between the two conservatives over who has the better chance of winning the general election and of governing effectively. But there’s no denying that either Rubio or Cruz would retain their party’s fundamental ideological identity.

Trumpery would not.

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