Gov. Paul LePig storms out of UMF ceremony

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Re: Gov. Paul LePig storms out of UMF ceremony

Post by T on Wed Apr 27, 2016 4:51 am

On Tuesday, LePig said the executive branch was withdrawing its involvement in the Blue Ribbon Commission, which was created by legislation sponsored by Rep. Ken Fredette, R-Newport, at LePig's request  dunno .  

LePig lashed out at the media during a radio talk show Tuesday morning, blaming the media for being overly critical of him  rage  and noting that his administration's participation would make the commission a target for even greater political criticism.

LePig said he would have preferred to have set the commission up as an executive commission so it could do its work in secret  finger wag  beyond the criticism of the public or the media.

Gov. LePig prohibited the public, including Democratic Education Committee members, press, a member of the House Speaker's staff, and other interested individuals from attending and observing the Commission meeting in clear violation of Maine's Freedom of Access Act. In direct contradiction to FOAA, and with no explanation, Governor LePig held the Commission meeting without public notice, at a location closed to the public, and actively barred attendance by anyone other than those he personally invited.

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