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Post by KevinNSaisi on Sun Oct 12, 2008 4:03 pm

I had been asked by Dave Duguay for his support for reelection as County Commissioner. My initial thought is that I have not followed the actions of the commissioners closely enough to even know what they are doing, much less support a specific candidate. I do know Dave from Hannaford, where he always greets me with a smile. I watch carefully to see that he does this with everyone. I really cannot address his political performance except to note that he seems to make himself available. His cellular phone number is posted on his business card and he is very visible in our community.

Dave's opponent John Patrick is a different type of person. When he was in the legislature a few years ago, I spoke with him about a problem. I am stil waiting for the answer. Lately, I have noticed (maybe you have too) many political signs around the valley. I am told that John is the craftsman responsible for these billboards touting his party candidates. I don't really like signs much. As a matter of fact, I only used one sign when I ran for selectman. However, John has littered the area with them. Arial photographs from space detect these clusters of wood and paint. While making signs is not a crime, nor is it unethical, it does show the despiration they have to maintain the democrat majority and maintain power. Another issue is where the signs are placed. If you ride around town, you might notice that Patrick signs are place at almost every location where Duguay signs are placed. This creates ambiguity as to which candidate the landowner supports (presuming the landowner has given premission). State law requires that landowners give permission, but I am guessing that the landowner of the lot on the corner of Lincoln and Cumberland (Dave Duguay) didn't give John Patrick permission for the sign that stood there this afternoon. This tactic of placing signs to negate the effectiveness of an opponent's sign is unethical. It is wrong and shows a flaw in the character of the person purpetrating the act. If he cannot be ethical and follow the rules in the campaign, how can we trust him to do so in elective office? That is why I am not supporting John Patrick.

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