Sometimes Mommy & Daddy do know best

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Sometimes Mommy & Daddy do know best

Post by T on Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:34 am

Mark...sometimes mommy & daddy do know best, and need to step in and re-direct their wayward children in order to save them from serious, self inflicted harm.  But then again, my father used to say, sometimes children need to learn the hard way.


It's not the Party's Decision
By DIANA CUMMINGS, Community Member, GREENWOOD — Sun, 06/19/2016 - 14:12
Republican party officials need to realize that this election is not about who THEY prefer as a nominee. The PEOPLE have spoken and it is their decision that Donald Trumpery is their best chance of preventing this country from being taken over once again by the dishonest Clintonistas. So let the high and mighty party officials climb atop their pulpits and scream about how bad our nominee is, Trumpery supporters know better, they want change and Donald Trumpery, after all the political bashing, will make the changes this country so badly needs after eight years of Obamaism's inertia. The people need to remember that to not vote is, in essence, to vote for Hillary Clinton, not to mention a selfish, cowardly act and an affront to all of those who fought for your right to cast such a vote. Sincerely, Mark Cummings - Greenwood

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