Executive Order vs Executive Action (Score Card)

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Executive Order vs Executive Action (Score Card)

Post by T on Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:01 am

Executive Order
An executive order is an official document signed by the president that declares government policy. In an executive order, a president is giving instructions to government agencies and departments about how to operate in a certain area.
An executive order is legally binding, and written into the official journal of the government, the Federal Register. Each executive order is numbered.

Executive orders cannot reverse a law passed by Congress. Limited in scope, their sweep isn't as broad as a piece of legislation.

Number Of Executive Orders Given By Present and Past Presidents
Trumpery: 23
George H.W. Bush: 166
Ford: 169
Kennedy: 214
Obama: 277
George W Bush: 291
Carter: 320
Johnson: 325
Nixon: 346
Clinton: 364
Reagan: 381
Eisenhower: 484
Truman: 907
Franklin D. Roosevelt: 3,721

Executive Action
An executive action is nothing more than a tweet on paper.

Number Of Executive Actions Given By Present and Past Presidents
George H.W. Bush: 0
Ford: 0
Kennedy: 0
Obama: 0
George W Bush: 0
Carter: 0
Johnson: 0
Nixon: 0
Clinton: 0
Reagan: 0
Eisenhower: 0
Truman: 0
Franklin D. Roosevelt: 0
Trumpery: 9,837,621,893

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