invitation to TRR/JSN

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invitation to TRR/JSN

Post by xmashen on Sun Oct 26, 2008 3:38 pm

This is a sincere invitation for you to publicly join this forum. In the old Roman days of the “forum”, it was a place of public debate, sometimes by bitter enemies, often heated. But the people judged the debates, and everyone had a chance to speak.

You clearly have a lot to say (and I will say that some of it is valuable) , but your present site is not a venue that allows much back and forth discussion.

While you have previously shown disdain for the RVFP, would it not be wise on your part to JOIN the forum so that you could address issues clearly and with the hope of some valid community response?

I can’t guarantee anything, except to say that I would personally be respectful of your views, even if I disagree with some. I can say that, despite our snipes at your site, we are not a terrible bunch of people … really…. and would show mutual respect .

Maybe it’s time we put the gloves back on (the “polite” gloves, not the boxing ones) and try to engage in a civil discussion.

I come from a background of civil discussion (I know it doesn’t always appear that way) and would welcome the opportunity to be able to debate and discuss matters relevant to the community in an open way (without trashing on either side… there’s been enough of that).

We could at least try! What do you say?


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Re: invitation to TRR/JSN

Post by C on Sun Oct 26, 2008 4:03 pm

Very nice x-mashen! applause

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