MINUTES October 2, 2008

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MINUTES October 2, 2008

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October 2, 2008
7:00 P.M.

PRESENT: Chairman J. Arthur Boivin, Vice-Chairman Frank DiConzo, Mark Belanger,
Bradford Adley, Robert Cameron, Leonard Greaney, Stephanie Thompson, Jason
Thompson, Ernest Robichaud, Bruce Farrin, Thelma Giberson, Ronald M. Russell,
Joseph Roberts, Stacy Carter, Eric Richard, Tamera Richard, Maynard Murphy, Matt
Peterson, Wayne Gallant, Calvin Burgess, Ed Carey, Terry Karkos, Tom Carey, John
Giambattista, Rick Kent.

Mr. Cameron arrived at 7:30 p.m.

1. Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman J. Arthur Boivin

2. All present pledged allegiance to the American Flag

3. Approval of Minutes from the Selectmen’s Meeting of September 18, 2008

Mr. Belanger made a motion to approve the Minutes from the Selectmen’s Meeting
of September 18, 2008. Vote: 4-0.



Mr. DiConzo reported that he had discussed a safety issue with the Town Manager.

Mr. Belanger reported that he attended a meeting with Med-Care’s regarding the
Inter Local Agreement. Mr. Belanger believes consensus was found about allowing
a hearing and referendum vote before Med-Care moves forward into a new building
or into an existing building. This will come to a vote before the full Med-Care
board. Citizens’ should contact their town representatives regarding what they
would like for a building in the future.

Mr. Belanger asked if it would be possible to build a sidewalk from Hancock
Street down to the Hosmer Field. The Town Manager is looking into the

Mr. Adley announced that the Natural Resources Council is hosting a public forum
regarding wind power in the area on October 9, 2008 at 5:30 p.m.

Mr. Adley also reported that Rock Maple Racing will be coming back to Black
Mountain of Maine in December of this year.

Mr. Boivin reported that the turnout was quite nice at the River Valley Expo and
hopes that it will continue next year.

Mr. Boivin has been asking for comments from citizens regarding the crime log
posted in the local newspaper. He has found a 50-50 ratio of for and against.


Town Manager Greaney read a letter expressing his opinion on the placement of
political signs in the town. He asked that the town officials draft an ordinance
for next year so that the signs do not create a poor image of the downtown area.

The Town Manager reported that we have put the Business Park on hold while we
reconstruct a portion of Hancock Street. We are also in contact with a forester
regarding the harvesting of trees in the Business Park. It is possible that the
town may receive up to $20,000 from the harvest.

The Town Manager announced that next week there will be a meeting regarding
housing and rising fuel costs in the area with apartment building owners. We
will try to work out a fair process for all involved he stated.


1. Police Department

Police Chief Stacy Carter reported that there is a misperception of the reason
that we are printing the crime report in the daily newspaper. The crime report
was suggested by the Sun Journal as a service that is already provided to the
town of Lewiston. There is no cost to the town as the newspaper considers it
public information. Before the current format, the police department was
approached on a daily basis by the press to give information on their daily
blotter. This method has proved to be more efficient for the police department
because it takes less time. The results have been positive in many ways. All the
information is public information. The information comes out once a week in the
River Valley section. The pictures in the paper may also serve as a deterrent.
Concern was expressed by Mr. Belanger that some may think there is a lot of
crime in the area.

Chief Carter reminded the Board that compliance with freedom of information
“Right to Know Training” is due by November 1, 2008.


Joseph Roberts, Deputy Commander for the 37th Composite Squadron of the Civil
Air Patrol, of the US Air Force issued an invitation to the Board for a Change
of Command ceremony on Oct 20, 2008 at the American Legion Hall at 6 p.m. This
would be a good opportunity to learn more about the service provided by the
Civil Air Patrol, Mr. Roberts stated.


A. Drug Policy Update

Mr. DiConzo and Stephanie Thompson have been working on revising the proposed
drug policy that would currently pertain to all paid employees, not volunteers
serving on committees.

B. Continuance of Hearing on Dangerous Building at 14 Prospect Avenue

Town Attorney Thomas Carey presented a written summary of violations to the
Board of Selectmen from the Code Enforcement Officer and Fire Chief regarding
the property of Brian O’Keefe at 14 Prospect Avenue

Mr. DiConzo made a motion to inform Mr. O’Keefe to instruct his tenants to move
out so that his building can be brought up to code. Mr. DiConzo rescinded his

Mr. DiConzo made a motion to adopt numbers 1-15 of the Findings by the Code
Enforcement Officer and the Fire Chief and based on the Findings, Ordered the
following: Vacate 14 Prospect Avenue of all tenants within thirty days; Within
seven months correct the deficiencies addressed; Pay attorney fees in the amount
of $2,229.88 within seven months; and allow re-inspection by the Code
Enforcement Officer and Fire Chief upon request. Vote: 5-0

Mr. Adley made a motion to move the question. Vote: 5-0

Mr. Cameron asked for a monthly update from the Code Enforcement Officer.


A. Approval of Town Warrant dated October 3, 2008

Mr. DiConzo made a motion to approve the Town Warrant dated October 3, 2008.
Vote: 5-0

B. Appointment of MMA Voting Delegate

Mr. Belanger made a motion to appoint Frank DiConzo as the MMA Voting Delegate.
Vote: 5-0

C. Approval of Aerial Easement from Central Maine Power for Polar Bear Club

Mr. Belanger made a motion to approve the Aerial Easement. Vote: 5-0

D. Acceptance of Funds from Moontide Water Festival

Mr. Adley made a motion based on the specific request from Eddie Shurtleff, to
accept the funds ($2,343.50) from Moontide Water Festival to be used for
fireworks by 2013. If not used by that time then to be donated to the “Make a
Wish Foundation” on behalf of the taxpayers. Vote: 4-1, Mr. Cameron opposed.

E. Approval of Police Department Flooring Bid

The Town Manager reported that Police Chief Stacy Carter has received 3 bids for
flooring in the Police Department offices. Chief Carter reported that concern
has been expressed by the bidders that flooring beneath the carpet at present,
may contain asbestos and if so, will need to be abated before carpet
installation can begin.

1. Norway Color Center $5,757.02
2. Northland Custom Flooring $5,315.51
3. Floor Systems $3,524.71

Mr. Belanger asked that we have the tiles tested to determine if they are

Mr. Adley made a motion to approve the bid from Floor Systems for $3,524.71.

Mr. Cameron made a motion to table this item until next week and ask the Town
Manager to bring back a hard copy of the purchasing policy. Vote: 5-0

F. Approval of Annual General Assistance Ordinance

Thelma Giberson of the General Assistance Office explained that this ordinance
is approved every year based on the amounts allowed for specific purposes as
determined by the HUD program of the federal government.

Mr. Belanger made a motion to accept the General Assistance Ordinance. Vote: 5-0

The Town Manager reported that Ms. Giberson has put into place a work for pay
program in the town that would require able recipients to work for the town in
return for the assistance received.

G. Ratification of Policy for Municipal Purchases

The Town Manager has been working on revising the Policy and will bring the
revised product back to the Board at the next meeting.

H. Approval of MDOT Earmark Grant Agreement

Town Manager reported that the town has an opportunity to received 1.1 million
dollars for three projects on Route 108.

Mr. Belanger made a motion to authorize the Town Manager to sign the MDOT
Earmark Grant Agreement. Vote: 5-0

Mr. Cameron expressed a safety concern regarding electric wheelchairs being
operated on the roadways in town that are not following proper safety
precautions. The Town Manager will address this issue with the Police Chief.

8. Executive Session pursuant to 1 MRS §405 (6)(E) regarding a consultation with
legal counsel on the Woodstock Oil matter with the Town Manager and Town

Mr. Adley made a motion to go into Executive Session pursuant to 1 MRS §405
(6)(E) regarding a consultation with legal counsel on the Woodstock Oil matter
with the Town Manager and Town Attorney. Vote: 5-0

The Chairman declared the Board out of Executive Session at 9:10 p.m.

Mr. Adley made a motion to authorize Chairman J. Arthur Boivin to sign the
Settlement Agreement and Release for Woodstock Oil contingent on a surety
agreement for the monthly payments. Vote: 5-0

9. Adjournment

Mr. Belanger made a motion to adjourn at 9:20 p.m. Vote: 5-0

Leonard P. Greaney
Town Manager

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