Do these people really believe what they publish?

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Do these people really believe what they publish?

Post by T on Tue Jun 24, 2008 12:32 am

Do these people really believe what they publish?

Quotes from The Rumford Reporter:

“For Mr. Buccina to deny Shurtleff and the Moontide Festival Committee the $8,000 for a fireworks show that not only entertains us as a community but entertains many, many other people from out of town is just plain criminal.”

“For Mr. Buccina to state that he would not give Mr. Shurtleff the money because of "budgetary constraints" is reprehensible (just plain wrong).”

“This is the same guy (Mr. Buccina) who wanted the municipal budget to go in front of the voters with a ZERO so that they could decide how much they think each department should get because he didn't want to cut his (Mr. Buccina) friend's budgets at the Fire Department and Police Department. This is the same guy (Mr. Buccina) who also has consistently voted to spend money unnecessarily, i.e. infrastructure in the business park that has no businesses even interested, the white elephant town hall project, paying Eldridge the remainder of his salary despite an illegal contract, etc.”

For what purpose does The Rumford Reporter include these statements as part of an article (Link Here) published by TRR Staff on 6/22/2008? Mr. Buccina is no longer a member of the Rumford Board of Selectmen. How long will Mr. Buccina, or any former board member for that matter, have to be subjected to public ridicule? The Rumford Reporter criticizes the Sun Journal for the very same behavior. Is this the pot calling the kettle black? Is it simply juvenile payback? Mr. Doar was and continues to be subjected to the same public ridicule.

I laughed out loud at the statement “Out of a roughly 7 million dollar municipal budget, $8,000 is a drop in the bucket” considering The Rumford Reporter's motto is “Integrity, Accountability, & Fiscal Responsibility”.


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