MINUTES October 16, 2008

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MINUTES October 16, 2008

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October 16, 2008
7:00 P.M.

PRESENT: Chairman J. Arthur Boivin, Vice-Chairman Frank DiConzo, Mark Belanger,
Bradford Adley, Leonard Greaney, Richard Scagliola, Eric Giroux, Ben Powers,
Ronald M. Russell, Tim Gallant, Todd Wardwell, Clyde Wardwell, Jane Wardwell,
Clyde Wardwell Jr., Stacy Carter, Bruce Farrin, Bob Stickney, Phil Blampied,
Joseph Gorham

1. Meeting call to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman J. Arthur Boivin

2. All present pledged allegiance to the American Flag

3. Approval of Minutes from the Selectmen’s Meeting of October 2, 2008. Mr.
Belanger made a motion to approve the Minutes from the Selectmen’s Meeting of
October 2, 2008. Vote: 5-0



Mr. Cameron stated a concern with the use of electric wheelchairs by citizens
who are riding them in the streets. He asked what the rules were for their use.

Police Chief Stacy Carter stated that a complaint was received regarding this
issue and an officer responded. Chief Carter reported that citizens are allowed
to ride the electric wheelchairs on the sidewalk. Mr. Cameron asked Chief Carter
if he could meet with these individuals to inform them of where to ride safely.

Mr. Cameron expressed concern about the Crime Report in the local paper and the
picture of a local business man whose crime occurred 28 years ago. After
discussion between Board members and Chief Carter, Town Manager Greaney asked to
meet with the Chief, a Board Member and Officer Maifeld to work on this issue
and will report back to the Board.

Mr. DiConzo passed out a revised version of the Drug and Alcohol Policy. He
asked for feedback from Board members.

Mr. DiConzo passed out two proposed ordinance revisions. One change would be to
Chapter 4 regarding the appointments of patrol and fireman and the residency
rules. He would like this to go on to the June ballot. The second change would
be newly proposed Ordinance 40 entitled Political and Yard Sale Signs and
Banners. Mr. DiConzo asked for feedback for this proposed ordinance as well.

Mr. Belanger reported meeting with the landlord association and some of the
tenants yesterday [regarding apartment building code compliance issues]. Mr.
Belanger stated that he is very much in favor of what the Town is doing. He
stated that he is in total support of Fire Chief Gary Wentzell and Code
Enforcement Officer Rick Kent.

Mr. Adley stated that he feels we are on the right track regarding the apartment
building process.

Mr. Adley also informed the Board that there will be a meeting on October 21,
2008 regarding the proposed casino with Dennis Bailey and Pat LaMarche.
Questions should be given to the moderator of the discussion prior to the
meeting by contacting the River Valley Growth Council.

Mr. Adley asked about the audio in the Auditorium. The Town Manager stated that
he will get a bid process out next week to resolve the audio problems. He will
also look into getting drapes for the windows that will help with the audio
issues and also the heating of the Auditorium.

Mr. Adley would like to get a dialogue going between the Board and First Wind
who are looking to put in wind towers in the area. Mr. Belanger would also like
to have this as an agenda item.

Mr. Adley asked the status of our Public Works Superintendent. The Town Manager
reported that the Superintendent has applied for Workers Compensation and the
investigation has not been completed. He has asked to be out until next January
2009. The Town Manager was asked if this was a paid leave and he responded that
there was vacation and sick time taken prior to the request for Worker’s Comp.
The Town Manager will place this on a future agenda under Executive Session when
the investigation by the State Workers Compensation Board is complete.

Mr. Adley asked if the ditching done by the Public Works Department behind the
Davis residence on Route 2 was done on private property. The Town Manager will
get an answer.

Mr. Adley reported that Susan Collins will be in Rumford tomorrow visiting the
Town Hall and area businesses.

Mr. Boivin reported that he attended the wind power forum at Black Mountain of
Maine recently. He feels that we need to get behind this effort. This
presentation was taped and can be viewed on the local access channel, he


Town Manager Greaney reported that Hancock Street will be paved tomorrow morning
and then the paving will begin on the sidewalks. He also reported that Strafford
Avenue was too narrow to put in a sidewalk as had been requested by Mr.
Belanger. Mr. Belanger asked if we could paint a white line on the road for
walkers. Mr. Cameron asked if we have paved our entire right of way. The Town
Manager answered that we have paved our entire right of way.

The Public Works Department has completed their work on the River Walk project
in support of Bebe Belanger’s masonry work. The project is near completion.

The Public Works Department recently completed some work on Mountain View Annex
for a citizen with a culvert problem. Public Works filled in some of the holes
in the parking lot near the Route 2 bridge leading to Mexico. There have been
many positive comments about this work being done.

The Snow Dump Plan that we submitted to the Department of Environmental
Protection was approved. The Town Manager will go over the plan with any Board
members that are interested.

The Town Manager reported that recently he had rejected a streetlight request
from Kevin Knox. Upon further investigation it was determined that our school
buses turn around in that parking area, therefore the Town will pay the monthly
bill of approximately $9.00 per month.

We have negotiated a contract with Woodstock Oil and have begun purchasing from
them. The prices have gone down dramatically this week for diesel and gasoline.
We do not anticipate the prices staying at that price, but the lower prices will
help us to meet our budget. The Town Manager will submit his regular Fuel Report

A meeting was held regarding apartment building inspections with the rental
property owners, members from the State Fire Marshal’s Office and members from
the Board. The names of 28 streets were put into a hat and Chairman Boivin drew
the name of Waldo Street for the first street to be inspected. The Town Manager
outlined the process of the inspections. It was the consensus of the Board to
select all the streets at the next meeting so that the order of inspections will
be known to all involved.

We are developing a municipal accounting manual according to the recommendation
from the auditor to generate operating instructions to be used when someone is
absent. The Auditor has not yet completed last year’s audit but has commented
that this is the best audit he has seen in several years. The Town Manager
thanked those who had prepared for the auditor’s review.

Fire Department
Police Department
Public Works Department


Eric Giroux asked the Board to address the limitations for the Fire Department
Call Force as the numbers are dwindling. He would like to see a change from
within 30 minutes response time to only the River Valley area towns that would
be allowed to supply the call force members. Chairman Boivin stated that this
could not be changed until the next elections in June.


A. Discussion of Drug Policy

Mr. DiConzo distributed a draft policy document and stated that he would like to
hear thoughts from other Board members to complete the policy as was stated
earlier in the meeting.

B Discussion of Purchasing Policy Revision

The Town Manager reported that this document will be reviewed during the
Executive Session at the end of the meeting.

C. Approval of Police Department Flooring Bid

Chief Stacy Carter reported that Mr. Joseph Gabriel, who is certified for
asbestos abatement, was contacted regarding removal of the asbestos tiles under
the carpet in the Chief’s office. Mr. Gabriel felt quite confidant that the
carpet could be removed without disturbing the tiles. Mr. Gabriel would only be
removing the carpet in the Chief’s office for approximately $100.

Mr. Belanger made a motion to award the bid to Floor Systems for $3,524.71.
Vote: 4-1,
Mr. Cameron opposed.

D. Approval of Police Department Vehicle Bid (Re-Bid)

The Town Manager reported that one bid was submitted by Arthur Muse for
$1027.00. The bid request specified a minimum bid of $1,000.00. Mr. Belanger
made a motion to approve the bid from Arthur Muse for $1,027.00. Vote 5-0


A. Approval of Town Warrant dated October 17, 2008.

Mr. Belanger made a motion to approve the Town Warrant dated October 17, 2008.
Vote: 5-0.

B. Appointment of Wardens for November 4, 2008 Election

Mr. Adley made a motion to appoint Mark Belanger as Warden and J. Arthur Boivin
as Deputy Warden. Vote: 3-0, Mr. Boivin and Mr. Belanger abstained.

Mr. Cameron asked for clarification of the role of the Moderator at the
elections and where the parameters are written. The Town Manager will look into

C. Approval of Notice of Tax Sale Bid 10/16/08

The Town Manager reported receiving one bid from Jane and Clyde Wardwell for the
purchase of 49 Oxford Avenue to include the removal of the brick faced building.
The Wardwell’s also agreed to remove their dangerous building at 243 Waldo
Street. Mr. Wardwell asked that the Fire Lane be discontinued and be deeded to
them as well. The Town Manager stated that this specific item could be discussed
at a later time. The amount of the bid for the property at 49 Oxford Avenue was
for $2,500.00 with removal of the brick faced building. Mr. Wardwell has
indicated that a large portion of the debris will be hauled off to Phil Zinck’s
property along Route 2 near his airplane hangar. Concern was expressed on the
potential use of the property and the image that the Town would like to portray.

Mr. Belanger made a motion to allow Todd Wardwell, the son of Clyde Wardwell, a
non-resident, to speak. Vote: 5-0.

Todd Wardwell stated that the trailer that is on Mr. Wardwell’s lot presently,
and adjacent to 49 Oxford Avenue, will be removed. The Town Manager indicated
that Clyde Wardwell’s bid stated that his building at 243 Waldo Street will be
removed by May 31, 2009.

Mr. Belanger made a motion to accept the bid from Jane and Clyde Wardwell for
$2,500.00. In discussion it was determined by the Board that only the portion of
the Fire Lane that is adjacent to the lot on 49 Oxford Avenue would be included
in the bid. Vote: 5-0.

D. Approval of Demolition Bid 10/16/08

The Town Manager reported that the properties involved are located at 92 Maine
Avenue and 107 York Street. The following bids were received:

1. Todd Wardwell, TW Lawncare $64,000.00
2. Allen’s Excavating $67,000.00
3. Chabot’s Construction $74,400.00

The bids submitted did not address all the specifications on the bid request.
Mr. Cameron was concerned about the burial of debris on the property.

Mr. Belanger made a motion to approve the bid from Todd Wardwell for $64,000.00.
Vote: 4-1, Mr. Cameron opposed.

Mr. Adley made a motion to allow Todd Wardwell to speak. Vote: 5-0

In discussion it was determined that the bid process should be more specific for
bidders to bid as accurately as possible.

E. Request from GRCC for Halloween Parade

Mr. Adley made a motion to approve the request from GRCC for the Halloween
Parade. Vote: 5-0

F. Approval of Finders Fee

Phil Blampied informed the Board that this is a proposal to give a $250 Finders
Fee to anyone who brings in a retail service business. If someone brings in an
industrial scale business with employees and that is open regular working hours,
a $500 Finders Fee would be given. We would need to be informed in the very
early stages that this person was working to bring in the business. The Economic
Development Committee members would be excluded from receiving any fees.

Mr. Cameron made a motion to approve the proposed Finders Fees. Vote: 5-0

G. Approval of Winter Parking Ban to Begin on First Snow Storm

Mr. Belanger made a motion to approve the Winter Parking Ban to begin on the
first “plowable” storm. Vote: 5-0

H. Approval of Municipal Snowmobile Grant – Bob Stickney

Bob Stickney reported how the grant monies are used for the local [Polar Bears]
snowmobile club. The state reimburses the club for 70 percent of their expenses,
which is channeled through the Town’s financial accounting system.

Mr. Belanger made a motion to approve the Municipal Snowmobile Grant. Vote: 5-0

I. Approval of Voter Registration Hours

Mr. Belanger made a motion to eliminate the evening hours for the Voter
Registrar as the Registrar is available during the day time hours to accept
voter registrations. Vote: 5-0

The Town Manager was asked to clarify this issue and email the Board members.

8. Executive Session pursuant to 1 MRS §405 (6) (A) regarding a personnel issue
with the Town Manager, Park & Recreation Commission and Park & Recreation

Mr. DiConzo made a motion to go into Executive Session pursuant to 1 MRS §405
(6) (A) regarding a personnel issue with the Town Manager, Park & Recreation
Commission and Park & Recreation Superintendent. Vote: 5-0

Time in: 8:40 p.m.

The Chairman declared the Board out of Executive Session at 9:12 p.m.

The consensus of the Board was to have the Park and Recreation Department and
Park Commission follow the revised version of the Town of Rumford Policy for
Municipal Purchasing. The Town Manager will join the members of the Park
Commission to open bids; the bids will then be approved by the Board of

9. Adjournment

Mr. Belanger made a motion to adjourn at 9:14 p.m. Vote: 5-0

Leonard P. Greaney
Town Manager

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