There are so many lies in this, it makes me sick...

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There are so many lies in this, it makes me sick...

Post by T on Thu Dec 18, 2008 6:46 am

Baldacci Administration Fails Again

"Governor John Baldacci announced that he is going to have to cut 94 State jobs due the incompetence of his budget advisors. It is uncertain at this time if all the cuts will come from his Blaine House Staff or not; but judging from his discouraged look, he must be losing a cook or two."

"He has tapped the Teacher's retirement funds and the State Employee funds and left behind IOU's that his administration will not pay."

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FYI - The John McKernan (Republican) administration was the first to raid the Maine Public Employees Retirement System (formerly the Maine State Retirement System), NOT John Baldacci. McKernan's actions placed the MPERS in serious jeopardy.

Mr. Theriault, you have a poor memory or are re-writing history.

Which is it?


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Re: There are so many lies in this, it makes me sick...

Post by Dave on Thu Dec 18, 2008 5:31 pm

It appeares that Ronnie T. doesn't let facts get in the way of a personal attack against our Governor.

Another factual ERROR is this: "Let's not forget that this administration lost over 20 million dollars in an offshore Sub-prime Lending investment. And John says he doesn't like to gamble!"

Wrong - Ronnie. The state received all 20 million dollars back in a settlement from Merrill Lynch. And the investment was a tiny portion of the approximately 600 million dollars a day that the state of Maine invests. At the time it was purchased, it was an A1P1 rated commercial paper. (the highest rating possible). But, then again, I suppose he wouldn't know that, being an insurance salesman and all.

Seeing as he thinks he so brilliant, did he predict what happened to the economy in 2008? I doubt it. Mr. Baldacci's budget advisors are quite good, but like 43 other states that are facing similar budget situations to Maine's, it was impossible to predict.

To his credit, Mr. Baldacci is leading the way in balancing the budget without tax increases. It seems to me Ronnie should find that to be a positive step. Isn't he and Jennie for a smaller government? I doubt they will ever be happy.


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