If Carey can keeps his hands where they belong...

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If Carey can keeps his hands where they belong...

Post by T on Mon Feb 09, 2009 6:32 am

Doubling down for a casino

"Waterford Rep. Sawin Millett's bill reviving a casino for Oxford County hasn't been printed yet, but if its text echoes his sentiments so far, the venerable lawmaker has a good idea."

"The primary reason we - and the majority of Maine voters - objected to a casino last year was its legal framework."

"The enabling legislation was awful, larded with provisions that would have bestowed immediate political power onto the casino owner by virtue of positions on numerous state boards and spreading cash across funding-starved programs."

"The voters of Maine were right to reject it, as the prospect of having the Legislature trying to negotiate a better deal for taxpayers with a bad bill on the books was untenable. Millett seems to recognize this and has offered his subsequent compromise."

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