Installment #3

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Installment #3

Post by dr on Tue Feb 10, 2009 1:55 pm

Here we go again with threats Erin from RVFP. Iím sure youíre boss wouldnít like the things you had to say about your co-workers. It goes both ways honey.

You people are so transparent. You blame the same people all the time for saying the same things that everyone else feels but doesnít say. Your threats, your anonymous postings, your anonymous letters to peopleís bosses, etc. are not going to work. We will stand together and take you tax stealers down.

Nice try anonymous Erin but anyone can read the RVFP and see what you wrote. Itís not like it is a private forum. And, you got banned from where? I have no idea what you are talking about.

Oh my bad. Iím supposed to put two and two together that you are the Erin that wrote the letter to the editor in the Times. I donít obsess over other bloggers like you people do. You are quite sick I must add. I think you have some bloggers with a little OCD kicking over there.

Letís see, Iím going to pretend to be you guys for a minute. This is you, ďI donít know who this anonymous poster is so letís just keep guessing until we get it right and in the meantime blame the same girl that we always blame for all of Rumfordís problems.Ē

Do what you gotta do Erin! And, thanks for showing the community that you are just like the rest of them. Threats, threats, and more threats. Conform or be threatened in this mighty town.

Everyone knows what SE is all about and someone actually had the guts to put it out there.

Woooohoooo! I love TRR! She slaps you people down all the time and I could not be more thankful for that.

Oh you do, do you? No, you donít because I am anonymous just like you. LOL!

ORNO, you say the same stupid stuff on your high school forum all the time. Find some new lines, would you? You havenít said anything new about the TRR editor since you started slamming her. Itís getting boring. And, the more you do it, the worse you look.

Typical liberal, start attacking people who do not agree with your position. She puts you in your place and now I am going to help her. Iím new to this blogging thing but I have got to admit that I love it. And, you canít do a damn thing about it. As long as I follow the rules, which I am doing a lot better than you, Iím good to go. Hey disgusted, how are you? You woman hater.

Donít you have anything better to do with your life? Do you have a life? Do you even get involved or do you just sit around and complain all day about the people who are actually trying to better this town? Pot calling the kettle black, Iíd say.

You think you are anonymous MaineGal. LOL! Weíve been reading your pathetic postings for months now and we know who you are.

Yeah, all five of you.

You are such a force in town. What would we do without all of your intellectually stimulating conversation on your forum? You are so helpful. Thank you.

Hey MaineGal, you are making yourself look stupidly accusing me of being someone Iím not. Why do you care who I am? I am an anonymous poster who lives in Rumford and has my thoughts and opinions on the matter. Why are you so obsessed with JSN?

ORNO, you and your fellow forum members are wackos. Get a life! Get a job! And, shut up because we are sick of listening to your nonsense. Go get some pom poms while you are at it.
Projection ladies, projection. Take a good long hard look in the mirror before you go spouting off at the mouth.

At least JSN has the guts to put her name out there unlike you gutless anonymous posters. I will remain anonymous so that you canít do to me what you do to her and others in this town. You are the vicious, vile, evil people in this town and you accuse everyone else of it. Talk about egos!

Wow. You are real classy Disgusting. Personal attacks on people that you donít even know show what true character you really have. And, you are one of our firefighters? Sad.
Iím doing what you do except I donít do it everyday like you. What do you do 365 days a year? You blog on the SJ. Who needs a life?

The firefighters are the ones who started this kind of behaviorĒIhatestupidpeopleĒ. They promote the RVFP on their Local Union 1601 website. So, check your facts before making them out to be the heroes that they are not.

Hey, I have a right to my opinion, too, buddy! Iím sick and tired of watching you people attack from the sideline. And, Iím calling you out on it from now on. I for one an very thankful that we have all the news outlets that we do so we can decide for ourselves who is telling the truth. I know who I believe.

Are you actually saying that what is said on the RVFP is truthful in any way whatsoever? Wow, you are so sheltered buddy. You need to step out of your cacoon, take a look around, and see that there are other people in this town aside from 5 anonymous bloggers. The truth, that is just plain funny. I donít care who you are.

Hey, I know. Letís reinstate the EMS ambulance chasing program. That sounds like a great idea!


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Re: Installment #3

Post by Timeout on Tue Feb 10, 2009 2:26 pm

Jen, your forum is full of the reasons you have all these resentments. Go back and read it...have someone help you lay those resentments down. You really don't have to live this way. Stop hurting people and your life will improve. I'm sorry you are having a hard time financially - but you are not alone. I think that sometimes it's just easier for those of us who have been living on little to know how to survive...we know what we can and can't live without. Life is hard sometimes, money short, babies to be taken care of, divorce/fights with spouses or loved ones, broken down cars, dead parents, things not going the way we want them to. I don't know your troubles but I imagine they probably are more or less no different than anyone elses'. When you break ties with community, you put yourself in a place no one wants to be. Whether you like it or not, we all need each other. Get up in the morning and ask yourself, what can I bring to this situation? How can I lessen someone else's burden? Don't try to save the world - just start with the people who cross your path today. Try just one day to say no unkind thing about anyone. I challenge you.

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