Seth Carey- Local Author

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Seth Carey- Local Author

Post by C on Mon Feb 23, 2009 11:51 pm

Maine Quick Rules is a reference guide on Maine law for attorneys, prospective attorneys and the public at large. It covers every subject that the Maine Supreme Judicial Court requires that Maine attorneys know. The distinguishing quality of this guide is that it boils down vast areas of the law
into its key ingredients. Quick is designed to be the first book Maine attorneys grab to get a case started, or when they need a quick answer to a client or supervising attorneys question.

This quick guide will be a must on the desk of every practicing lawyer in Maine. The book is even more valuable if not a priceless study guide for
every bar exam candidate and law school student. There exists no book, study guide or course that comes close to the comprehensiveness of Quick Rules.

Forward from Quick Rules for Bar Examinees: In my experience taking the Maine Bar Exam, these are the most important rules to commit to memory or at least go over these several times so you realize they exist and will be familiar with them on the exam. Many of these are bits and pieces of rules, (albeit the most crucial pieces)- hence the name quick rules. If you spend time becoming comfortable with these selected rules there is no reason you cannot obtain a passing or excellent score on Question #1 of the exam, which is often the most overlooked of all questions. It follows that disregarding this question has caused many people to run out of time and do poorly on this question. Not the way to start off the most important test of your life. These are the very most important rule, condensed in ideal form. This is all you need to ace Question #1. If you do not believe me then spend dozens of hours studying the long rules like I did, and compromise learning the other 25 or so subjects you need to understand inside or out. Do not ever underestimate Question #1, but now that you have this gift from me, trust me- you need to know all those other subjects by heart.

For Current Attorneys: It is a widely-understood anecdote that you will never know more about the legal profession that you have entered than you will on the day you pass the bar exam. Maine Quick Rules will keep your basic legal understanding on point for the duration of your legal career. Whether you have a client on the phone or a walk-in who has a legal question in an area that you are not familiar with, Quick Rules are at your finger-tips to remind you. There is no better guide.

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Re: Seth Carey- Local Author

Post by Mainiac1 on Tue Feb 24, 2009 10:39 am

It was really gratifying to see that once the facts around Mr. Carey's antics over the last few years were reported, investigated, and dealt with by unbiased equal members of his peers, and decisions handed down upon 'slick' by an unbiased out of town judge, that justice was served. After reading the entire decision it was clear these folks did not sugarcoat any thing. They described most instances, and quite simply 'called a spade a spade' as the saying goes. They also covered their bases in ensuring a path to recovery was not going to be a picnic and that Mr. Carey would indeed have to change his approach and mindset in how he deals with the procedures of law, the honing of his people skills, and above all, they want to see a glimmer of honesty and dignity that is supposed to go along with their humble profession. I think Seth was pretty much an embarrassment to many in the law profession, at least until this point. Hopefully for him he can turn it around. It will take much work and dedication to doing what is honest and forthwright in dealing with others. Hopefully the people he has cohorted with during the last few years including several that are managing our community right now, will in God's time face the same type of music and be exposed for being self serving and dishonest to the people they are supposed to be serving.


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