Anyone interested in guessing?

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Anyone interested in guessing?

Post by 911Dispatcher on Sat Feb 28, 2009 12:35 pm

The Nenana River Ice Classic competition began in 1917 when railroad
engineers bet a total of 800 dollars, winner takes all, guessing the
exact time (month, day, hour, minute) ice on the Nenana River would
break up. Each year since then, Alaska residents have guessed at the
timing of the river breakup. A tripod, connected to an on-shore clock
with a string, is planted in two feet of river ice during river
freeze-up in October or November. The following spring, the clock
automatically stops when the tripod moves as the ice breaks up. The
time on the clock is used as the river ice breakup time.

This has become almost a science to guess. The link at the top show previous years results. Last years jackpot was over $300,000 dollars. Anyone interested can get forms online to submit a guess.

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