MINUTES February 5, 2009

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MINUTES February 5, 2009

Post by C on Sun Mar 08, 2009 12:47 pm

February 5, 2009
7:00 P.M.
Town Hall Auditorium

PRESENT: Chairman J. Arthur Boivin, Vice-Chairman Frank DiConzo, Mark Belanger,
Bradford Adley, Robert Cameron, Leonard Greaney, Mark Tripp, Heather Sorenson,
Kevin Saisi, Gary Wentzell, Henry Zinck, Jennifer Norris, Kirk Thurston, Ed
Carey, Jeff Harren, Ben Byam, Bruce Farrin, Stephanie Wilson, Maynard Murphy,
Douten Thomas, Donna Thomas, Richard Scagliola, Eric Giroux, Rick Kent, Terry
Karkos, Matt Peterson, Ron Theriault

1. Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman J. Arthur Boivin

2. All present pledged allegiance to the American Flag

3. Approval of Minutes from the Selectmen’s Meeting of January 22, 2009

Mr. Belanger made a motion to approve the minutes from the Selectmen’s Meeting
of January 22, 2009 with the following correction under Item G: The name of
Frank DeSalle should read Frank DiConzo. Vote: 5-0



Mr. Adley asked for a list of all town owned properties and if the town has
moved forward with the timber harvesting of our property as the voters approved
last June on land behind Swift River Park and on Franklin Annex. The Town
Manager asked Andy Russell to look into some forestry on the Business Park and
we will look into the other properties at the same time. Mr. Adley asked if
capital was part of the budget or separated from the operating budget. The Town
Manager stated that they would be separated.

Mr. Adley asked if it is time to talk to NewPage management regarding the
position the mill is in. The Town Manager stated that there is a process in
place to assist workers who have lost their jobs. He does not believe that there
has been much dialogue taking place within the mill itself and does not believe
that the Town would have any better advantage in gaining information on the
future prospects of the mill.

Mr. Belanger asked about adding more streetlights near the River Valley Crossing
shopping center on Route 2. The Town Manager reported that he has had a study
done by Central Maine Power that includes some options for lighting of that area
and will look into getting the plan in place within the next couple weeks.

Mr. Belanger read a prepared statement regarding his goals as Selectman. He
concluded that we must make some hard decisions until the economy recovers and
must separate our needs from our wants. We need to be careful to not make
decisions that will ultimately increase costs to taxpayers with unintended
consequences, he stated.

Mr. Cameron stated that his thoughts and prayers are with those that have lost
their jobs at NewPage. Mr. Cameron would like to get the message to the mill
that we are eager to discuss anything that we can do to help the mill.

Mr. Cameron would like the citizens to give the Board thoughtful input and ideas
on where the Town can save money in the budget.

Mr. Cameron thanked all who tried to help the young man who fell into the river
with his snow machine. Mr. Cameron stated that these efforts are a testament to
this community and to the young man’s strength that resulted in saving his life.
He welcomed any suggestions as to how we could provide help in a better way in
the future.

Mr. Cameron was in agreement with providing more lighting near the River Valley
Crossing shopping center.

Mr. Cameron asked about the status of the Charter update. Mr. Greaney reported
that the Town Clerk has been working on bringing the Charter up to date.
Unfortunately, we have run into a road block as all items were not specifically
addressed to vote upon. Town Attorney Carey believes that the items that were
not listed specifically may not have been approved by the voters. Mr. Cameron
asked if we could take those items and place them on the June ballot. The Town
Manager believes that we could possibly do this. Mr. Belanger expressed concern
that the ballot was flawed and the changes invalid. He stated that we may need
to start another Charter Commission according to the state law.

Mr. DiConzo had nothing to report.

Mr. Boivin congratulated the Fire Fighters who received awards for the rescue on
Holman Avenue in Mexico and thanked all those on the scene who supported them.

Mr. Boivin stated that the wheelchair ramp on Congress Street (near Dunkin
Donuts) should have posts placed there to stop cars from driving through the
area that is designated for wheelchairs.

Mr. Boivin suggested that the Town get a snow blower to go along the roads and
blow snow back away from the roads rather than hauling the snow away.

Mr. Adley noticed that side boards could be added to some of our trucks so that
more snow could be hauled in one load.


The Town Manager reported that the Board of Selectmen met in Executive Session
at last weeks meeting, he then read a statement of respect that had been
developed for conduct at future meetings.

At last week’s meeting, Jim Barnett asked why Rumford did not receive any
funding from the Housing and Urban Development Stimulus, as 15 other towns had
received according to the newspaper. The Town Manager contacted the Regional
Director of HUD and was informed that the money was awarded based on the number
of foreclosures in the towns. There was no application process for the town’s to
take part in.

A few weeks ago Mr. Adley mentioned a stimulus package grant being undertaken by
the Rumford Water District for work on Hancock Street. Since that time the Town
put together a proposal to support the sewer reconstruction process on Hancock
Street and submitted it to the Department of Environmental Protection along with
the Rumford Water District application.

Mr. Cameron asked the time line on the CDBG grant for the economic development
committee. The Town Manager will get back to Mr. Cameron.

The Town Manager briefly explained that the Town does have a permitting process
in place for those plowing snow over town roadways. The application process is
handled by his office.

The Town Manager met with John Madigan, Town Manager of Mexico, and Gene
Skibitsky, Town Manager of Dixfield to start a dialogue regarding visioning and
strategizing of what we can do in moving the region forward. The Town Manager
stated that the Boards of Selectmen will be brought into the discussion after a
few more meetings with the Town Manager’s.

Eric Giroux asked permission to bring the antique fire truck back to town and
have Region 9 take care maintenance on the truck.

The Town Manager expressed care and concern for Felix Ricci and his family after
his recent accident and asked for prayers.



Jennifer Norris, stated she is a private citizen of Rumford and that she is the
property manager for Brian O’Keefe. She asked why Mr. O’Keefe’s property on
other streets had also been deemed uninhabitable by the Code Enforcement

Rick Kent, Code Enforcement Officer, reported that Brian O’Keefe’s buildings
were inspected on the basis of complaints from tenants. Once they vacated, they
were posted that the building could not be occupied until the violations had
been taken care of. Mr. Kent sent letters by certified mail to Mr. O’Keefe.

Ms. Norris asked why they went through the process on Prospect Avenue with the
Board of Selectmen deciding that the building was uninhabitable and why the CEO
made the decision on the other properties without the permission of the Board of

Mr. Kent stated that he had received emails from Mr. O’Keefe that stated he was
closing down the buildings as he did not want to fix them. Ms. Norris stated
that the buildings were vacated as one of the options given. Ms. Norris stated
that Mr. O’Keefe is not collecting any rent to pay his mortgage on his
investments and was not informed about the building closings. She further stated
that she refuses to work with the Code Enforcement Officer. She stated that they
will get a lawyer if this is not handled appropriately. The Chairman asked that
she work with the Town Manager. Ms. Norris stated that she would and that they
may bring in a lawyer if the Town does not agree with her position.

Eric Giroux asked if a snow blower or bucket loader could be used to remove snow
to put the 1930 antique fire engine in a garage here in town. The engine has
been down on the coast for repair for a long time. The consensus of the Board
was that Mr. Giroux could get the support that he requested from Public Works.

Kevin Saisi made a point of order, that the Board cannot discuss this item as it
was not on the Agenda. This is according to our Charter, he stated.

Mr. Adley made a motion to allow Douten Thomas, a non-resident, to speak. Vote:

Mr. Thomas invited the Board to a meeting of the RUMMEX Landlord Association on
February 15, 2009 at 5:30 p.m. at the Mexico Town Hall. Mr. Belanger stated that
he will try to attend.


A. Discussion of RFD – EMS Re-Instatement

The Town Manager reported that a number of meetings have taken place on this
issue with members of the Fire Department and Med-Care. The 3 options that were
suggested were: 1.) Not to reinstate the Fire Department’s EMS support. 2.) To
allow the Fire Department to support in a limited way with Med-Care calling for
assistance. 3.) To allow the Fire Department to respond directly to the most
critical calls of Delta and Echo. The Town Manager gave copies of the minutes of
these meetings to the Board members and read some highlights. Fire Fighter Mark
Tripp explained the staffing that would take place to answer EMS calls.
Selectmen Belanger asked if there was any significant information that has been
gained to reinstate EMS. Is this a need or a want, Mr. Belanger asked.

Mr. Adley made a motion to allow Dean Milligan, a non-resident, to speak. Vote:

Mr. Belanger and Mr. Milligan discussed the number of ambulances on call.

Kevin Saisi reported on his experience with EMS calls.

Chairman Boivin reported that the meeting he attended was a positive meeting and
agreement was made that the EMS service was not going back to what it used to
be. He believed that a 30 day experiment that could be tightly tracked would
show what the costs would be.

Mr. Adley made a motion to allow Fire Chief Gary Wentzell, a non-resident, to
speak. Vote: 5-0

Chief Wentzell stated that initially EMS was approved for 10-55 car accidents or
other life threatening accidents.

Dean Milligan reported that Med-Care responds to 1,000 calls a year in Rumford.
Rumford Fire responded to approximately 200 calls.

The Town Manager asked Mr. Milligan to explain what happens when Rumford Fire
gets to an emergency before Med-Care arrives. Mr. Milligan explained that when
Rumford Fire gets there first they provide basic life support services which
allow Med-Care to go to more advanced life support upon arrival.

Chairman Boivin reported that the Town Manager will develop a spread sheet with
accurate numbers for the 30 day program. Mr. Cameron asked the Town Manager to
put a letter in the newspaper to notify our citizens of what we are doing and
why we are doing it regarding the EMS issue.

Mr. Belanger stated that we have not determined if this is a need or a want. And
we would be expanding our service level from what it was in July. In these
economic times, we are probably the only town in the country expanding services,
he stated.

Ron Theriault stated that he is speaking as a private citizen, and that this
service will ultimately benefit Med-Care. He stated that we are not receiving
any remuneration for the extra services that we provide and that no other town
in the inter-local agreement provides this.

Stephanie Wilson stated that the cost of human life is the most important aspect
to consider.

Jennifer Norris stated she is a private citizen, and asked the Town Manager how
many grievances he has received from the Fire Department regarding mandatory
overtime this year. The Town Manager responded that overtime is not necessarily
driven by EMS, but by coverage of vacation and sick time.

Mr. DiConzo made a motion that we adopt Option 2 between now and June 2009 with
Dean Milligan’s help and that at the election in June 2009 the people can vote
on the issue.

Mr. Adley wanted to go with Option 3 and track the costs for 90 days with
documented numbers of the real costs and still put this on the ballot in June.

Vote: 2-3, Mr. Adley, Mr. Cameron and Mr. Boivin opposed.

Mr. Adley made a motion to go with Option 3 for 90 days and then to put the
issue on the ballot in June 2009.

Mr. Milligan was asked when the program could start. He responded that it could
start by February 15. The Town Manager asked if Med-Care would help us with
reconciling the incident reports from Med-Care and Rumford Fire Department.

Vote: 3-2, Mr. Belanger and Mr. DiConzo opposed.

B. Apartment Building Inspection Process Update

The Town Manager distributed a list of the typical items that are checked in the
apartment building inspections. He would like to advertise the list in the local
newspapers to assist landlords in preparing their buildings for inspections
ahead of time. A mass mailing was discussed but due to the costs and time
involved it was not pursued. Code Enforcement Officer Rick Kent will place an
advertisement in the newspaper to reach out to property owners.


A. Approval of Town Warrant dated February 6, 2009

Mr. Belanger made a motion to approve the Town Warrant dated February 6, 2009.
Vote: 4-0, Mr. Adley abstained.

B. Request from American Legion for Dirigo Boys State Scholarship

Mr. Belanger made a motion to approve $230 to send one boy to Dirigo Boys State.
Vote: 5-0

C. Discussion and Approval of Hiring Process for New Town Manager

Mr. DiConzo drafted two versions of an advertisement for a new Town Manager and
distributed them to the Board. Mr. DiConzo asked for feedback by next Monday.
Mr. Adley reported that he would have Brian Phelps list the ad on Monster, Maine
Municipal Association’s website, Ladders and other internet sites. Mr. DiConzo
reported that a post office box can be rented for a month for the applications
to be sent to. The consensus of the Board was for an application to be available
on the town website and that all applications are to be sent to the post office
box. The ad will be posted in the Lewiston Sun Journal, Portland Press Herald,
Kennebec Journal, Bangor Daily News and Waterville Sentinel.

Mr. Cameron wanted to be sure that we followed the Charter for the requirements
for a Town Manager in our advertisement.

Kevin Saisi asked if the Board identified the specific skills and traits that
are desired in a Town Manager before they put together in an ad.

Amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.

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Re: MINUTES February 5, 2009

Post by C on Sun Mar 08, 2009 12:48 pm

D. Approval of Liquor License Application and Special Amusement Permit for Sons
of Italy

Mr. Belanger made a motion to approve the Liquor License and Special Amusement
Permit for the Sons of Italy. Vote: 5-0

E. Discussion and Approval of Non-Union Personnel Wages for 2008-2009

The Town Manager reported that he had spoken with other Town Manager’s regarding
this issue. Mr. Greaney mentioned the potential loss of critical people if we do
not grant a wage increase. We are asking for a 5-6 percent decrease in the
overall municipal budget. Perhaps we could consider extra help to cut back on
overtime. In order to keep the people we have, he would like to recommend a 3
percent wage increase.

Chairman Boivin stated that we should come up with a dollar amount rather than a
percentage so that all employees would receive the same wage increase.

The Town Manager reported that to give a non-union 3 percent wage increase would
cost $25,000. and 3 percent for union workers would bring it up $41,000 and we
are on the threshold of 3 union contracts for Fire, Police and Public Works this

Mr. Cameron stated that it would be very difficult to give wage increases due to
the mill jobs that were lost and the economy we are in. We are putting burdens
on others with the apartment buildings and job losses, he stated, and it is a
small burden to ask people not to get a raise when they have a job, insurance
and benefits.

Mr. Greaney stated that if we lose one police officer and have to rehire and
retrain one, it costs us $25,000. Mr. Belanger stated that we could also
eliminate that position.

Mr. Cameron made a motion to provide a zero percentage increase to non-union
employees for the budget year 2009-2010. Vote: 5-0

F. River Valley Chamber Four Seasons Guide
Mr. Belanger made a motion to approve the ad in the Four Season Guide with the
Rumford logo “Gem at the Foot of the Falls” placed in the ad. Vote: 5-0

8. Executive Session pursuant to 1 MRS §405 (6)(A) regarding a personnel matter
with the Town Manager and Fire Chief

Mr. Belanger made a motion to go into Executive Session at 9:45 p.m. pursuant to
1 MRS §405 (6)(A) regarding a personnel matter with the Town Manager and Fire
Chief. Vote: 5-0

The Chairman declared the Board out of Executive Session at 10:50 p.m.

9. Adjournment

Mr. Boivin declared the meeting adjourned at 10:51 p.m.

Leonard P. Greaney
Town Manager

Amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.

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