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Kimberly Moreau

Post by 911Dispatcher on Sat Mar 28, 2009 12:37 pm

TRR posted a link to a missing report for Kimberly, thought I'd add a few facts. Kimberly and a friend were in Jay hanging out on Prom night. Kimberly had gotten in a fight with her boyfriend and decided not to go. The girls met two 25 year old men cruising Main St. in Jay in a white Pontiac Trans Am. All four partied together that night and its reported that one of the males and Kimberly ended up in the car alone. Kimberly was driven to her parents house at 11pm and ran inside to tell her sister she would be back in an hour. That is the last time she was seen alive. The male in that car has been questioned over the years but is not giving up any information and with no evidence the case stalled. Some tips have come in over the years. Its is believed that Kimberly's body is located in Meadow View in Canton. Its a secluded party spot in Canton for high school kids, or it least it was when I was in school. I had heard information that some items of hers were located either there or in another location in Canton. Kimberly spent a lot of time during the summers at Canton lake. Kimberly's family had a website up but its been taken down. It was a tribute to her and also a plead for information. For years her dad, Dick, has been posting fliers. They have also conducted searches in and around Canton with volunteers and cadaver dogs with no real success.

Just thought some might be interested in the details to this story if you did not already know.

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