GOP pundits 'confusing tyranny with losing'

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GOP pundits 'confusing tyranny with losing'

Post by T on Sun Apr 12, 2009 9:05 pm

GOP pundits 'confusing tyranny with losing'

Pointing out the inconsistencies in Republican and Fox pundit arguments that Obama is both simultaneously a weak and over-strong president, Stewart said, “So not only is Obama a total pussy, who’s going to let Europe run roughshod over us, he’s also an iron-fisted tyrant, who will crush anyone who doesn’t bend to his will.”

“If I remember correctly,” said Stewart, “When disagreement was expressed about that president’s [Bush] actions when ya’ll were in power, I believe the response was ‘Why do you hate America,’ ‘Watch what you say,’ ‘Love it or leave it’ and ‘Suck on my truck nuts.’”

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