Bush did it! (Really, he did)

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Bush did it! (Really, he did)

Post by T on Sat Apr 18, 2009 10:24 am

Fox News personalities continue to ignore Bush administration role to slam Obama DHS

Summary: Fox News personalities continued to advance the claim that DHS is targeting conservatives and others with the release of its report on right-wing extremism, while ignoring the Bush administration's role and a similar report on left-wing extremism.

However, neither O'Reilly nor Goler noted that, as national correspondent Catherine Herridge reported on April 15 on Fox News' Studio B, DHS recently issued "a bulletin that looks at the left-wing groups as well." Herridge also noted that the DHS report "does talk specifically about returning veterans as being sort of attractive targets for these groups, because they've got the weapons training and they may feel somewhat disenfranchised when they return for a variety of returns." Referring to the reports on left-wing and right-wing extremists, she later added: "I would point out that both of these assessments ... were commissioned under the Bush administration. It takes some time to do them. They only came out after he had left office." Interviewing former CIA covert operations officer Mike Baker, Studio B host Shepard Smith said of the reaction to the report: "[I]t sounds like just regular, old, everyday people who are conservative just got, you know, got their dander up over something that is not applied to that." Baker replied, "Yeah, it really is. It's a little bit -- unfortunately, it's a little bit what the Republicans on the conservative side have been doing."



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