From someone who enjoys history......

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From someone who enjoys history......

Post by 911Dispatcher on Sun Apr 26, 2009 3:43 pm

I've been cruising TRR and all the media coverage of the Tax Day Tea Parties and something is bothering me. I'll admit I'm not someone who enjoys paying taxes. Seriously who does enjoy it? I completely understand the fundamentals behind the protests. However when you use symbolism and history to make a point you should at least educate yourself on the subject/symbol. You can clearly tell from the photos and events that most Americans who attended only know about the Boston Tea Party from what they were taught in 4th grade. Instead of drinking tea, passing and wearing tea bags why not try something closer to the events in 1773? Why not burn the tea bags in a barrel or dump them in the Harbor? Instead they gave the impression that they do not like taxes, and are against the stimulis package....but they'll still drink a cup of it?

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