TRR and child support

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TRR and child support

Post by xmashen on Thu Oct 15, 2009 6:53 pm

It seems once again that the noble editors of TRR have taken up a new cause, this time against (yeah, i know) - child support laws. The latest posting is one of the most transparently selfish things I've ever seen. It also totally smacks of something very relevant to the poster.

The law is there for a very good reason, and the "government" only garnishes the wages of those who fail to comply with the law and the legal agreement they entered into. Child support laws do not stipulate that every dollar goes directly into the child's "piggy bank" but is meant to help the guardian parent maintain a certain standard of living for the child. Kids are expensive! The knitpicking on that latest post is clearly personal, and , to me, pretty offensive.

If wages are garnished, it's only after a lenghty process of trying to get the non-payer into compliance, and if the garnished party feels unjustly punished, they have the option of revisiting family court.

If TRR has issues with the law, fine. But it's still the law. I personally think that the law should be further strengthened. A two week " vacation" is not a subsitute for ongoing financial support.


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