TABOR II is bad help maine's Firefighter and Vote NO on Question 4!

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TABOR II is bad help maine's Firefighter and Vote NO on Question 4!

Post by marktripp on Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:20 am

Fire Fighters urge you to VOTE NO ON Question 4

TABOR II is too risky for our families and communities:

• In 2006, Mainers rejected TABOR because the risk to our communities was too high. Now TABOR II is back on the ballot as Question 4 and fire fighters ask citizens to once again reject it for the same reason.

• TABOR II will impose a “one-size-fits-all” limit on local communities that are already struggling during this recession to protect public safety and to maintain other public services that our families rely upon.

• The current recession has already forced deep budget cuts on important public services like emergency response, education and health care. Deeper cuts will have real impacts – longer emergency response times that could result in greater medical risk.

• And all we need to do is look at Colorado, where TABOR caused such big problems that the voters finally suspended it. Why would we pass TABOR in Maine when it’s already been a proven disaster?

• TABOR II could eliminate the Line of Duty Death Benefit of 50-thousand dollars from the budget stabilization fund that would be paid to our survivors if a fire fighter is killed on the job. This is unthinkable to those who put their lives on the line every day for others. While it may be funded by another source, the fact that it’s in the TABOR bill at all is an insult to those of us who risk our lives.

• Now is not the time to risk the well-being of our families through a risky scheme like TABOR. Just as we did three years ago, we should reject this bad idea.

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