Presumption of innocence

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Presumption of innocence

Post by T on Tue Mar 30, 2010 11:18 pm

Jennifer Stowell Norris: Innocent until proven guilty is all I'm trying to get across. People should not be dragged through the mud and made to look bad when they haven't even been proven guilty. What do you not understand about that constitutional right.

Ms. Jennifer Stowell Norris,

Any thinking person understands the presumption of innocence. The issue people have with you [and people like you] is you don’t apply that same standard to law enforcement and other government/municipal employees. You assume “government” is always corrupt. Your website exudes your bias and prejudice.


“Dennis Deshaine got screwed in this crooked state, too.”

“That best friend cop of his probably was the one who just got canned from Bethel, too. He is a major alcoholic and abused his wife as well.”

“People have already proven it and the State won't hear the [Dechaine] case because they don't want to admit they were wrong. Crooked cops and judicial system once again.”

“If you don't think that we have a lot of crooked cops in this country, you are sadly mistaken. Same goes for the judicial system. They are all in it together”

“let's believe the lame stream media.” [Wow…That’s original!]

I find the above statements odd coming from a person who is fair and balanced.


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