Honorable tactics?

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Honorable tactics?

Post by dr on Sat May 15, 2010 6:35 am

The Rumford Reporter Eric, I just put you up on the Rumford Citizen. I think you will like what I did. Good luck!

Eric Giroux thanks for the luck i will need all the luck i can get

The Rumford Reporter I'll be helping you by slamming the other idiot candidates.

Eric Giroux I am not looking to slam anyone just want people to know i am for the citizens of rumford and not for myself or any deptment.

The Rumford Reporter Ok, I won't be slamming them for you, I will be slamming them for the citizens because I, too, care greatly for the fine citizens of Rumford.


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Re: Honorable tactics?

Post by T on Sat May 15, 2010 10:20 am

This is what I expect from her. Typical...

Does her mother approve?


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