From Our Own Holy See...

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From Our Own Holy See...

Post by dr on Sun May 16, 2010 5:52 pm

The Rumford Reporter I'm a Registered Republican and proud of it. Republicans care about people, too, but the Dems always find a way to make it like we only support big business. Not true. Most Republicans have the Lord in their life as well. Most Republicans believe in the power of community as opposed to social welfare programs. Back in the day, the Churches took care of people's needs. I want that back.
The Rumford Reporter The only church we have left is Catholic. And, that is where you will find all the hypocrites. Not all people who attend the church are hypocrites but the ones involved with the Town are.

"...but the ones involved with the Town are."
I thought she was buddies with Mark Belanger! He must have disagreed with her about something.


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