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Just because I can...

Post by T on Tue May 18, 2010 9:34 pm

From The Rumford Reporter Facebook page:

Shelley Graham: I am a participant here, on the Rumford Reporters FB page. Therefore, I own the rights to ANYTHING I have written here, public or not. Should I happen upon either my name OR statements I have made HERE, on ANY OTHER site which I did NOT post to ... Then those copying and pasting should know that you do NOT have my CONS...ENT to do so, and i'm pretty sure Jennifer hasn't given you hers either. So, before you come onto this page and twist the meaning of ANY statement to fit YOUR interpretation, you should probably know that you are violating MY rights, and you will NOT get away with it. Should you decide to write YOUR interpretation of my thoughts, and your OPINIONS on them, fine. That is YOUR right, so by all means, pick away Smile


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