Before she deletes the dissenting comments . . .

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Before she deletes the dissenting comments . . .

Post by Z on Thu May 20, 2010 10:35 am

From The Rumford Citizen:

Arthur MacIsaac Dear Rumford Reporter... We all have the right to speak our minds and stand up to be heard. I understand you have your opinions about the Rumford Police Department but to air your views and signal out one officer in this type of forum because you have an axe to grind does not sit well with anyone. The fact is the complaint history you have made... See More avaible via download is very formal and does not give any of us the contributing factors. It is unfair to judge anyone based on what you read or what you have heard... you or I would not like it. From what I gather this malicious attack on Ptl. Higley and the RPD has no merit. It seems time and time again there is always someone or something The Rumford Reporter is finding fault with.... Please try to focus on the real issues at hand and try to make a difference in a positive way for the people of this community. Thank you

Thats my opinion... I welcome yours.

Yesterday at 7:55am

Kerri Shaw I dont think that she is being malicious about Higley. I think that the people being named are the ones who continually misuse or directly abuse their authority against the very people who pay their salary. Taxpayers and Rumford citizens.

Yesterday at 9:09am

Kerri Shaw I also firmly believe that there is always a few bad apples in a bunch and that there are alot more good Rumford police officers than there are bad. I have seen first hand partiality by the few bad apples.

Yesterday at 9:12am

Peter Maheu iz Happy No 7~year Old's been SHOT by Cop on $earch~Warrent, EXCEPT Out-of-$tate

Yesterday at 9:12am

Becky Conley the reports are formal because that is all that can legally be reported. Bias, circumstances and personal opinions are not allowed, most of these actions can't be justified by excuses anyway, if the charge or allegation has been made then it's legit until removed from record. This is about AWARENESS and the records show...... it's been hidden too... See More long. Maybe it sounds like complaining to some but IMO the Rumford Reporter is like a whistle-blower, making the public aware of what is going wrong and happening so that we can be aware and take action, etc. When the mission is whistle-blowing awareness, it's not complaining, it uncovering the truth, this isn't a forum for sugarcoating.

Yesterday at 9:26am

Arthur MacIsaac This has not been hidden at all... the complaint history is dated 2005 when Steve Eldridge was Rumford Town Manager. It is Public knowledge so tell me why it has taken 5 years for someone to rehash old issues. We are a community that needs to move forward and look to the future. In a small town this is vital... the idea of making the public ... See Moreaware is great but not at the expense of others. The idea of uncovering the truth is brilliant... so maybe thats what ought to be done before somebody cries Wolf again.

Yesterday at 11:00am

The Rumford Reporter Higley is still doing the same things in the complaint that he does to this day. He hasn't changed a bit. If you are referring to me about crying wolf, that really pisses me off when you don't know the whole story. IT IS RELEVANT BECAUSE HIS SUPERIORS ARE COVERING HIS ASS INSTEAD OF HOLDING HIM ACCOUNTABLE.

Yesterday at 11:13am

The Rumford Reporter After reading his complaint and knowing that he hasn't changed a bit just his bosses did, the people who can support this man one iota make me literally sick. Who could openly support this man??? Oh what, I'm a liar even though Steve Eldrige wrote the complaint.

Yesterday at 11:35am

Heather Mae Bernard Jackson i find it amazing you have all the complaints about SGT. Higley, but what about the findings of all these complaints?...its obvious that there are findings and out comes from these complaints, so where are they?...i really dont believe SGT. Higley would still have a job, if he was guilty of all these things, so maybe we need to see the out come of ... See Morethese complaints, and then people can judge a little better...and the more people down the RPD, by making statements, without proof, the dumber they look, cause what is the truth without evidence?

Yesterday at 12:29pm

The Rumford Reporter 163 downloads of the higley complaint and counting, maybe you should download a copy, too. You will be embarrassed after you do.

Yesterday at 2:42pm


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Re: Before she deletes the dissenting comments . . .

Post by 911Dispatcher on Thu May 20, 2010 2:45 pm

Just to add a tid bit she went on Arthurs Facebook page and called him and Linda Blackman idiots...great professionalism on JSN's part

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Re: Before she deletes the dissenting comments . . .

Post by dr on Thu May 20, 2010 4:50 pm

And another soon to disappear...

(Name Deleted) you admit to being disorderly, by telling a cop off, thats bright, and you want people to feel bad for you...think about that, that by being mouthy to an officer of the law is considered disorderly, and if its on tape that just makes you look worst why admit to something like that if your innocent?...i guess that is very confusing, your trying to maintain your innocents, but admitting you told the cop off and its on should think about things before you say them!!! your making yourself look really stupid in front of a lot of people...


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Re: Before she deletes the dissenting comments . . .

Post by xmashen on Thu May 20, 2010 8:37 pm

Sorta reminds me of that great old country song...

"Please delete me, let me go..."


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Re: Before she deletes the dissenting comments . . .

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